BoyCott Realty | PHOS Creative

BoyCott Realty is changing the Gainesville real estate game.

BoyCott’s agents are friendly and client-focused. They strive to be the superheroes of real estate – saving clients from unnecessary high costs and confusing processes.

They’re BoyCotting the traditional real estate model with revolutionary ideas: real estate should be easy, and real estate should be fun.

The Challenge

BoyCott needed every part of their brand to convey their superhero qualities and mission.

They needed to highlight that they were different by challenging assumptions that real estate had to be stuck-up, self-serving, or stuffy. They needed to break the mold and be active about it – to display who they are in a way that positions them around their passion for possibility.


How We Helped

With a team whose personalities all matched their company’s mission, we delivered a brand full of personality.
From the typography to the colors to the logo to the website, PHOS gave BoyCott a vibrant and clean look and feel.

Their new logo reflects both what they do and why they do it. A set of keys behind a powerful shield set in bold colors immediately showcases the superheroes of realty.

The new website makes it easier for both buyers and sellers to get started with the process, and it showcases the BoyCott difference. An interactive slider on the front page allows potential customers to literally see their savings before getting started.

For a team who’s changing the game, their brand now speaks loud and clear: BoyCott Realty is changing the way buyers and sellers exchange homes.