Florida Fun Bikes | PHOS Creative

In 2016, lifetime Gainesville resident Derrick Robinson and his fiancé Amber decided to bring Gainesville’s first and only 16 passenger pedal-powered party on wheels. The bike is a multi-passenger, human-powered vehicle manufactured in the Netherlands that allows people to sit, pedal and drink through the streets Gainesville! Who needs to bar crawl when you can bar cycle?

Inspired by party bikes in other cities, Derrick and Amber knew this unique, pub party on wheels would have a lot of traction in a college town, so why not start in Gainesville? A Florida Fun Bikes experience is all about enjoying the environments Gainesville has to offer with a group of friends or coworkers, in an incredibly interactive and entertaining experience. The bike continues to gain visibility and is surely establishing itself as a Gainesville bucket-list item.

The Challenge

Florida Fun Bikes came to PHOS with only one thing for sure: their name. They relied on our expertise to create a brand identity and website that would allow them to position their startup company as a premiere attraction and experience in the Gainesville community. They envisioned their brand to have an enticing and vintage feel that people would remember and engage with. Their brand identity was only but a vision, and they trusted PHOS to bring that vision to life online.

Bringing a Vision to Fruition

PHOS had the flexibility to be very creative with this project and we were thrilled. Our design team delivered a fun, welcoming, vintage-inspired brand package with consistent usage, typography, secondary logos and a tagline, “Exercise Your Right to Party.”

The website design focused on maintaining the fun, vintage expression that the brand elicits. Each piece of content on the website tells Florida Fun Bike’s story and sells the party bike experience. The PHOS development team delivered an online booking platform on their website that allows customers to reserve and pay for their Florida Fun Bike tours and promotes an interactive experience on their website.

With a new website and brand identity, Florida Fun Bikes was ready to deliver a unique, eco-friendly experience in one giant bike-sized package.