February 13, 2019

Our Founder Brandon West on the Fun-Filled Love Podcast

The Fun-Filled Love Podcast is a show hosted by our friends and Gainesville locals Rafael Diaz and Eric Gilbert. The podcast is dedicated to inspiring Christians to experience more fun, fulfillment, and love in relationships based on biblical principles and research.

Since love is the show’s theme for February (which is also one of the core values at PHOS), our CEO and Founder Brandon West was invited to be the first-ever special guest on the podcast to discuss the subject.

With the hosts, Brandon chatted about his experiences on the way love has transformed his life in the following areas: marriage, family, and running a company.

Stream the episode for free on iTunes.

If you like what you heard, be sure to check out the Fun-Filled Love website to keep up with new podcasts and blog posts. To learn more about how the PHOS team incorporates love into our company culture and the services we provide, take a look at our resource of articles that cover the topic in depth.

Jena Bezesky

As both an analyst and a creative, Jena has a penchant for crafting digital experiences for brands that delight the people they serve. She brings client visions to life through strategic planning in her role as an Inbound Marketing Executive.