October 4, 2018

What We’re Listening To

Our core value of creativity stems from our passion for inspiration and innovation. We’re encouraged to seek new opportunities to be resourceful and imaginative. Because creativity pulls from multiple sources, you never know what might lead to that next insightful idea!

So we wanted to know what podcasts the team listens to as fuel for their creativity. We’re taking you behind our headphones.

Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast
Hosted by Andy Stanley
We need inspiration for great leadership. We need ideas that fuel and change how we lead and Andy Stanley has consistently been my go-to speaker for creative leadership ideas.

Favorite Episode | Uniquely Better, Part 1

99% Invisible
Hosted by Roman Mars

99% Invisible dedicates each episode to something (architecture, infrastructure, objects, technology, sounds, history) we all might be familiar with but haven’t given much thought. It unpacks how that “thing” came to be.

One of my favorite episodes explains why Wonder Bread was so revolutionary. This is the bread that is now synonymous with “run of the mill,” but it was important because it was just that. Before, people didn’t know where their food was coming from and food-borne illnesses were common. Wonder Bread was the clean, “pure,” modern bread.

Favorite Episode | Good Bread

WHOA GNV Podcast
Hosted by Collin Austin and Ty Rucarean

The WHOA GNV Podcast exposes those WHOA moments coming out of Gainesville, Florida and highlighting all the things that make Gainesville the perfect place to be.

Favorite Episode | Jason Hurst of Maple Street Biscuit Company and Brandon West of PHOS Creative

Hosted by Gretchen Rubin
Gretchen has a talent for tackling everyday road bumps in creative & concrete ways that feels like a genuine discussion instead of a stereotypical, preachy, self-help book. She’s willing to share personal struggles and updates about implementing the strategies she talks about in her own life.

Favorite Episode | Make a “Facts of Life” Book, Ideas for a Clutter-Related Conflict, and a New Way to Tell Left from Right

Inside Intercom
Hosted by the Intercom Team
Inside Intercom is full of interviews about design, marketing, and operations leaders at companies who are at the top of their field.

Favorite Episode | Slack’s Rachel Hepworth on Bringing Growth Marketing to a High Growth Company

Gourmet Makes
Hosted by Claire Saffitz for Bon Appetit
This technically isn’t a podcast, but I like to listen to it in the background. Claire breaks down nostalgic junk food and works to figure out how she can replicate these machine-made snacks in her own kitchen. The videos always cover every trial, test, and outcome so when you get that final recipe at the end, you know it’s been thought through.

Favorite Episode | Pastry Chef Attempts To Make Gourmet Oreos

The Habitat
Hosted by Gimlet
The concept behind the podcast is to explore how the human element comes into play on Mars. The biggest challenges aren’t the technologies, but dealing with each other.

Favorite Episode | Episode 1: This Is the Way Up

30 for 30
Hosted by ESPN
Sports is an interesting lens to view society through. These podcasts explore people who are pushed to do extraordinary things. On the Ice, in particular, explores courage and a sort of naivete and how when those two meet, extraordinary things can happen.

Favorite Episode | On the Ice

Catherine Meschia

Catherine Meschia

With an educational background in Industrial Design, Cat brings a little bit of everything to the team as PHOS’ first Creative Associate. She delivers research and user-based results, whether that be in a new branding campaign or your next photoshoot.