November 27, 2018

CEO Brandon West on the WHOA GNV Podcast


The WHOA GNV Podcast is fantastic local podcast created by our friend and COE (Chief of Everything) at New Scooters 4 Less, Collin Austin. The podcast brings individuals and businesses that make you go whoa!

Our CEO and Founder, Brandon West, was invited onto the podcast alongside Jason Hurst, charter store owner of Maple Street Biscuit Company (if you’re local to Gainesville, you’ve got this guy to thank for the magic that is Maple Street).

Listen in as Brandon and Jason chat about something we know really well – mission, vision, and values.

Check out the WHOA GNV Podcast on Facebook, and read a bit more about our own mission, vision, and values at PHOS.

Jon Saxton

Jon Saxton

Jon recognizes passion and works to convey that in powerful ways. With an eye toward what could be and an understanding of how, he brings energy and ideas to everything he works with.