Share your heart and engage with your audience through crafted, long-form storytelling.


Videography has the power to connect your audience to your mission in a matter of seconds. Strategically curated and implemented videography not only anchors your brand but can inspire, offer perspective and educate both internally and externally.

Videography Services

Brand Anchor Video

A Brand Anchor Video is just that, a video that serves to anchor your brand. These 45-90 second films seek to engage your audience with more brand-centered content while communicating your mission in a powerful way. They offer a birds-eye-view of your mission, vision, and values; not only to the benefit of your audience but internally as well.

Check out our award-winning Brand Anchor Video below:

Company Culture

Videos that establish a company’s culture highlight both the employee and client experience. They allow potential hirees and clients to see what life is like within the office walls, what it’s like to work with your team and how you exercise your values on a day-to-day basis. These videos can often be fun to have and film as they can highlight community, laughter, professionalism, and other key values as they pertain to your mission.

Take a look at our 2019 Christmas Video for some fun inspiration:

Social Media Campaign & Advertisement

Though all of our video processes are highly collaborative, these videos aim to align with current/future campaigns and are developed alongside our marketing team. Ranging from long-lasting Facebook Ads to seasonal or holiday Instagram highlights; these videos are designed to circulate, generate excitement within your current audience, and create opportunities for new leads.

Check out this short and powerful Facebook advertisement below:

Vlog & Testimonial

Personal perspective provides your audience the opportunity to “hear it from the mouth of another.” From the CEO telling their story to a star client sharing their experiences, testimonials or vlogs can connect your audience to your brand narrative and deepen their sense of belonging as it pertains to your mission. Videos of this nature can be produced either singularly, annually, or quarterly to keep your company’s story and digital presence feeling fruitful, relational and lively.

See this fun Vendor Highlight as an example:

We’re always innovating and taking on new video ideas and deliverables, so if you have a specific vision in mind for a video that doesn’t quite fit here, we would love to talk about it!

Our Process

Who are you and what is your need?

In order to produce the most effective video possible, we seek to create strategic video content that aligns with and communicates your company mission, heart, and brand. In light of this, our videography team works hard to be a part of the entirety of your PHOS process; engaging and offering insight from beginning to end in order to build relationships and ensure brand consistency.

Video Strategizing

Our marketers, designers, and videographers work as a team to ensure that each video aligns with your visual identity and accomplishes the goals it’s designed for. This strategizing phase can include campaign planning, storyboarding, scripting, establishing a day-of schedule, gathering appropriate forms/releases and offering a collaborative client approval process.


The big day(s)! All of the filming details (script, attire, location, etc) will have been established and approved of before the shoot, as well as a schedule for how the day will go. If you’re uncomfortable in front of the camera, no worries. Our team works hard to offer presentation coaching and meet any needs or requests you may have in order to make filming as easy and enjoyable as possible!


Post-production can run anywhere from 2-4 weeks depending on the length and scope of the video or project. This process includes music selection, audio tailoring, video editing, color correction, and optimization(s) for different platforms the video may display on. After the video has been completed we offer two rounds of revisions, allowing you to critique, comment and request edits on the video as you see fit.

Video Marketing

Once the video is perfected, we help you get the most out of your content by marketing it and distributing it through the most effective channels as part of a full, strategic marketing campaign. Channels may include social media, your website, a video blog, or paid advertising through in-content video ads, in-stream ads such as on YouTube, and any other platforms your audience is spending their time on.