Videography | PHOS Creative


Connect with your audience through engaging, longform storytelling.


Each video is planned with purpose to tell your story, speak to your audience, and accomplish your goals. Planning ranges from defining purpose to structuring the video.

  • Video Campaign Planning
  • Brand Exploration
  • Storyboarding
  • Script Writing
  • Video Coaching
  • Securing Locations

Video is the most engaging, immersive form of marketing and content in today’s digital world. It speaks to your audience in a way that engages their senses and lends itself to storytelling.

It empowers you to be a light in a saturated digital space.

To connect your story with your audience, we create strategic, engaging, and beautiful video campaigns that serve to inspire, persuade, or educate.

Video Strategy

Every video and video campaign is marketing something in particular. It may be your new product line, if your goal is to jump-start sales. It may be your organization’s culture, if your goal is to attract top talent. It may be your software system, if your goal is to improve user onboarding and retention.

We’ll start by outlining the purpose of your video content, its goals and outcomes, and the persona it will speak to. From there, we create a detailed storyboard, planning purposeful shots that tell your story in an impactful way with a clear structure.

Video Production

Once the goals are in place, the storyboard is created, and the script is set, we capture the shots that tell your story.

Our videography team will plan and coordinate the day-of shoot and guide you along the way with wardrobe recommendations and presentation coaching.

For all our videography projects, you can expect high-quality products that make you look and sound your best.

Video Marketing

Creating a powerful and effective video that speaks to your audience isn’t enough. Videography is about focused storytelling as part of a campaign, and that includes distribution and marketing.

Channels may include social media, your website, a video blog, or paid advertising through in-content video ads, in-stream ads such as on YouTube, and the social media channels your audience is spending their time on.

A strong video marketing plan isn’t about marketing video – it’s about marketing your organization. We’ll help you distribute your content in line with your existing digital marketing plan and brand positioning.