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WordPress Developer

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WordPress Developer Position

Currently, PHOS is seeking a professional WordPress developer who has the proficiencies and proven skills needed to create a WordPress theme from scratch using our in-house framework.

Responsibilities will include (but are not limited to):

  • Support all existing websites by maintaining versions, optimization, and security
  • Create a fully functional theme WordPress based on provided Photoshop files
  • Collaborate with other developers, project managers, and graphic designers while working on projects
  • Manage WordPress projects from staging to launch
  • Ensure complete, fluid-width responsive design for all device sizes
  • Simplify programming from staging to development to ensure speed, optimization, and dry programming techniques for readability
  • Complete tasks within a given timeline and update status per project using our internal systems
  • Manage domains, hosting, DNS, and email as we move from local development to a live-hosted website
  • Perform security tasks such as resetting chmod permissions, securing .htaccess, preventing PHP uploads to the server, and initializing brute-force protection
  • Transfer databases manually along with themes, content folders, and ensure 301 redirects are in place

About the Requirements

The following items are required at an intermediate to advanced skill level in order to be considered:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • FTP
  • Sass / SCSS
  • Javascript / jQuery
  • WordPress
  • PHP
  • Domain Registration
  • Hosting & DNS Management (cPanel and Plesk)

Bonus Skills

  • Gulp / Grunt / Foundation / Bootstrap / Other CSS / LESS based framework
  • Foundation / Bootstrap / Other CSS / LESS based framework
  • Terminal / Command Line
  • Website Optimization (gzip, http2, ssl)
  • Git
  • Google Apps, Webmaster, and Console

Required Experience

  • 1+ years in a web development role
  • Proven experience building and launching WordPress websites
  • *You will be required to showcase your previous work or live websites within your resume.

About You

  • You personally embrace and live out our core values of leadership, creativity, love, integrity, and community.
  • You are a highly visual person who can see and appreciate good design and beautiful photography.
  • You frequently use Google as a resource for programming related questions.
  • You often find yourself inspecting the code on websites you visit.
  • You are detail-oriented and expertly skilled in time management.
  • You have an ability to communicate effectively via phone, face-to-face interaction, and email to make our customers uber happy and successful.
  • You are willing to take responsibility to meet or exceed targets for clients.
  • You understand the basics of SEO and the importance of high-quality website structure.

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