Project Manager Position

A passion for organization and client relationships.


Project Manager

The Project Manager oversees the entire project lifecycle and is responsible for the day-to-day management and prioritization of projects. This is a role that requires the ability to think about problems at both a conceptual and detailed level and the ability to create and maintain strong, warm relationships both on the team and with clients.


  • Work with CEO/sales lead to transition all expectations from sales to kickoff.
  • Serve as the day-to-day point of contact for clients.
  • Set up each project in internal PM software.
  • Collect and manage client assets/resources.
  • Create project timelines and keep them up-to-date.
  • Schedule client meetings, set agendas, and create meeting PowerPoints.
  • Follow up on all meetings with an executive summary with action items for both sides.
  • Create and maintain documented project requirements.
  • Lead weekly internal project team meetings.
  • Send weekly update emails to the clients showing that we’re owning the project, we know exactly where things are at, and that we are producing value from the engagement.
  • Plan website content architecture and create content, or coordinate with the content lead to do so.
  • Coordinate and lead QA on every project.
  • Coordinate client reviews at each stage of projects.
  • Train web clients on how to use their new website.
  • Coordinate and lead project post-mortems.
  • Create, implement, adjust, standardize, and document processes.
  • Resource allocation and project forecasting.
  • Handle challenging communication with clarity, transparency, and loving leadership.


Be a Leader on the Team

  • Meet regularly with your primary team members to build strong relationships that help to promote culture, growth, and collaboration.
  • Empower others to accomplish more by knowing each team member’s strengths and utilizing them fully.
  • Give team members regular and specific feedback on their successes and failures.
  • Look for opportunities for individual team members and the project team as a whole to grow.
  • Manage the team’s plate, maintaining a forecast of project phases at a weekly and monthly view.
  • Help the marketing team utilize the project team as necessary with plate load management and prioritization.

Be a Leader in Client Relations

  • Create the best partner relationship the client has ever had.
  • Communicate with frequency, clarity, and a balance between listening and leading.
  • Maintain an intimate knowledge of each client’s organization, goals, and timelines.
  • Get to know our point(s) of contact to build rapport and long-term relationships.

Be a Leader in Meetings

  • Be the first one to arrive and the most prepared person at every meeting.
  • Create and communicate the agenda for each meeting.
  • Stay on top of time, and guide each meeting to fulfilling its goals.

Be a Leader in Organization

  • Lead by example with clarity, confidence, consistency, time management, and organization.
  • Document client and project preferences and requirements in detail.
  • Practice exemplary management through our PM software with communication, due dates, follow-ups, and accountability.

Be a Leader in Projects

  • Be the person who knows everything about a project, including timelines, requirements, and the project’s status.
  • Lead weekly project meetings to gather project status and help team members prioritize tasks.
  • Ensure that all deliverables for each client are delivered with raving client satisfaction.

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