Charity Nerds is a non-profit organization founded by a kid for kids.

Founder, Heath Locklear, knows firsthand what it’s like to be stuck in a hospital for an extended period of time, and he began Charity Nerds to help other kids in the same situation. During his time at the hospital, he found comfort and excitement in video games, and now he’s helping other kids find the same thing.

Charity Nerds raises money from tournaments and donations to purchase video game systems and games to gift to hospitalized children. The result? More normality, family time, and therapeutic exercises through gaming.

The Challenge

Charity Nerds came to PHOS during the early part of its formation with a very clear picture of what they wanted their non-profit to accomplish. They needed an online tool that could bring awareness and recruiting to the next level. A clear brand identity hadn’t been configured yet, so a website design, content strategy, and logo was in order. Naturally, us techies were ready to nerd out on this project!

Helping Kids Level Up

Charity Nerds walked away with a website design that told Heath’s story and the mission and vision of the non-profit. Our content strategy played into the nerdy personality and encouraged a gamer culture for kids. The messaging speaks not only to kids, but also to anyone who can relate to the charity’s cause. Our development team created a user-friendly shop and donation page that allows people to easily donate games and systems for children through the website.

After design and development, our marketing team started elevating how the organization gets found online. On behalf of Charity Nerds, we applied for and received a Google Ad Grant Award. With the grant, our team now works to optimize their Google Ads to get found online, so that more children in hospitals can benefit from all of Charity Nerds’ efforts.