CROM | PHOS Creative

CROM does more than build prestressed concrete liquid containment vessels. They pioneered the design used by current tank builders nationwide.

CROM’s founder, JM Crom, Sr., revolutionized the tank industry by developing what was later to become the composite system of tank wall construction. This system incorporated a steel shell cylinder with shotcrete encasement for the core wall and high strength wire for the prestressing elements. Basically, JM Crom transformed tank design so tanks require less materials while maintaining strength and rigidity.

Not only do CROM tanks serve extremely important tasks (holding potable water, wastewater, or thermal energy) but they’re also designed to be beautiful additions to their communities. With painted exteriors catered to match the character of their towns, these tanks provide both necessary functionality and beauty in design.

The Challenge

Having existed for more than 60 years, CROM needed a website overhaul that would maintain and support their long-standing brand identity while generating new and more qualified leads. They required a modernized branding strategy replete with a new website capable of properly defining their service lineup.

Restructuring Their Brand

In order to revive the CROM name, we designed a new branding strategy that gave them a sleek, modern look that stands for itself. Within the branding strategy, we built a website that reflects their structures: reliable, custom designed, and expertly crafted. In order to foster communication between CROM and their customers, we built forms that made for easy website inquiries and requests for quotations.

This massive project helped CROM funnel leads to the correct people and increased their search value, which in turn allowed them to continue building efficiently-engineered, uniquely-designed tanks that uplift their communities and last a lifetime.