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e-Tech Services is dedicated to ensuring that companies across Florida have access to the highest quality IT services. They work in all things IT: hosting cloud computing, installing tech gear, consulting, and much more.

Headquartered in Gainesville, FL, e-Tech Services is an IBM Gold Partner, which means that they’ve delivered “superior skills and market success” as deemed by IBM. As such, they’re held to a high standard, and they deliver that excellent quality work in everything they do.

One example of how they’ve made an impact is their Santa Fe College project. Located in Gainesville, Santa Fe College has an online enrollment program for those who want a degree but don’t have time to be on campus. The registration program had the habit of collapsing, and it took at least one hour, often more, to fix. Whenever there was downtime on the registration process, the likelihood of losing potential students increased.

e-Tech Services provided them with a solution in IBM Hyper-Swap Technology. This program allows for no lag time if the site ever goes down, and helps all run smoothly while the site is being fixed. e-Tech both provided and hosted a program to solve the issue, and they also acted as consultants for Santa Fe in order to help.

The Challenge

e-Tech Services’ content is very industry-specific. They also offer many services, so more than anything, they needed a reorganization. As a company, they were moving from selling and installing hardware-based products to focusing more on software and cloud computing, and they wanted that to be reflected in their new website.

Professional and Polished

The new e-Tech Services website is well-organized, easy to understand, and accurately displays their software services. Their site serves as a marketing foundation for their sales team, so it’s important that their sales reps can refer back to the site for information that could be helpful to potential clients. To enable their sales team, we designed the site to be easy to navigate and content-rich (while trying to be as jargon-light as possible).

The website is designed to help customers easily browse their many options from e-Tech Services, while properly broadcasting the company’s brand message.