The Brief 

Faithfully Guided Health Center (FGHC) is truly unlike any other health care provider. Combining a focus on faith-based healing with functional medicine practices, FGHC offers medical services, faith-based counseling, and restorative services to enrich your spirit, mind, and body. Wellness is not siloed because everything is interconnected and, therefore, equally important to achieve a holistic approach to wellness.

Through a unique model, Faithfully Guided found that people did not know about their revolutionary health center in Ocala, FL. They needed a beautiful website that reflected their state-of-the-art space and inbound marketing to increase membership and brand awareness.

Our Vision

Our main objective was to translate Faithfully Guided’s heart and mission, “to be the way in guiding you to abundant life with complete wellness”, into a beautiful website while also implementing a marketing strategy that captured their target audience.

The Strategy

Our team collaborated heavily with Faithfully Guided to really understand the heartbeat of their organization and where they wanted to go in order to craft a strategy to get them there.

After deep discussions on their “why,” we designed and developed a beautiful website that showcased how remarkable Faithfully Guided’s facility is. Potential customers won’t always have the opportunity to visit the health center before deciding to convert so that needed to be illustrated digitally.

This new website called for new brand photography that matched the warm, welcoming feeling, and captured the spirit of Faithfully Guided. We needed active photos to capture the services offered in action. We wanted to capture the friendliness of the Faithfully Guided team with candid photography, which you’ll find all over the new website.

Additionally, we created a marketing strategy that focused on:

  • Improving local SEO rankings
  • Developing a strong social media plan to delight their current community of patients
  • Content marketing that would establish them as thought leaders in the health industry

We also designed new collateral like email signatures, handouts, and more to illustrate a refreshed brand that the Faithfully Guided team could use in one-on-one meetings with their clients. In this way, the brand was consistent online and in person.

Strategic Consulting

We met with the Faithfully Guided team to hear, in their own words, their “why.” Faithfully Guided’s mission is to “guide you to abundant life.” Though they offer a wide variety of health treatments to restore and maintain your whole body, they understood that their “why” was different than other health providers. We helped their team clarify their mission, vision, and how to translate that into a strong brand system.

Web Design 

If you ever step into the Faithfully Guided Health Center, you would not feel like you are in a doctor’s office or clinic. It feels like you’ve stepped into a friend’s really amazing home. It feels as warm as the friendly team. We needed to translate this warmth and state-of-the-art health facility online with content, photography, and design. 

This website needed to be as breathtaking as the FGHC lobby, but as functional as the health services that take place within. Our goal was to illustrate the Faithfully Guided brand with a modern website while also guiding a user to learn about FGHC’s collaborative model that makes them different from any other healthcare provider.

Digital Marketing

Faithfully Guided’s unique combination of services allowed our team to conduct a deep dive into potential markets. Healthcare is a necessity, not a luxury, which helped us craft a robust strategy. This includes search engine optimization, social media marketing, paid advertising, content marketing, conversion tracking, and campaign development.


The goal of our ongoing digital marketing strategy is to guide users that don’t know where to begin their health journey to learn about Faithfully Guided’s unique process in order to receive their customized health plan. This health journey begins and continues with the Faithfully Guided team by their side.

Brand Photography & Design

When creating this new website design, we knew the importance of branded photography. Faithfully Guided’s facility is too beautiful not to showcase online. Not only did we need to capture FGHC’s space, but we needed to highlight the amazing team that guides and serves clients every day

In addition to new brand photography, our team worked with Faithfully Guided to create newly designed collateral that matches their new brand. These resources help the team showcase their brand in multiple touchpoints online and in-person.



After the new website launched and inbound marketing kicked off, we’ve already seen increases in traffic, social media presence, and engagement. Compared to the previous three months, Faithfully Guided has seen a 20% increase in the number of users visiting their new website. Additionally, this new site has seen an increase of 425% in visits from social media users over three months!


This new site has a clear user’s journey, with appropriate calls-to-action that garner conversions. Faithfully Guided is now able to view their conversions, where they are occurring, and how these users are finding their website. This data informs future campaigns and marketing strategies.


“PHOS Creative is awesome! They helped us develop a brand strategy after they spent time getting to know the intricate details of our mission, vision and values. They are organized, forward-thinking, and a pleasure to work with!” – Dr. Ashlee Seek, Faithfully Guided Health Center