Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce

A Hub for Talent, Innovation and Opportunity

The Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce is a five-star accredited chamber by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which places them in the top one percent of Chambers nationwide.

The Chamber’s mission is to facilitate economic opportunity, business success, and community progress in the greater Gainesville area. They focus on four lines of business each day, including business development, economic development, talent and education, and public policy. Through these lines of business, they work towards their vision of Gainesville becoming a hub for talent, innovation, and opportunity – a vision shared by each member of the Chamber.

The Challenge

The Chamber came to PHOS for a major website refresh that would capture their recent rebrand and attract prospective and current members to their site. They asked for content and design that would speak to a diverse client group, functionalities that would enhance the user experience for current members, and a secure and stable website that would showcase the many forms of engagement available to Chamber members and the communities.

The Voice of Business, Amplified

Our main goal for this project was to create an intuitive and highly functional platform for the Chamber to showcase the things that Gainesville has to offer for prospective members while keeping features and forms easy to use for current members.

First, our design and development team created a modern, clean web design that uses bright colors and inviting footage of the greater Gainesville area. Once the design was in place, we filled the website with quality content showcasing news and information about Gainesville suited for all audiences.

The now, more humanized brand identity and website functionality create more opportunity for the Gainesville Chamber of Commerce to position itself as a credible, reliable organization that puts Gainesville and the people in it before all.