The Challenge

Greenhouse Church has an incredible mission: helping ordinary people become passionate followers of Jesus Christ.

Greenhouse is a local church with a global view. They bring a fierce commitment to their purpose and their DNA to eight campuses across Florida, and missions across the world.

With a vision so large and so individual, and right on the verge of opening a new hub for the entire church, Greenhouse needed to establish itself in a unified brand and a powerful digital presence.

Our Approach

Greenhouse’s mission centers around ordinary people. So that’s where we started.

We brought together members of the church, looking for a broad array of experiences. With longtime members and newcomers, from the young to the old, we conducted an in-depth focus group on Greenhouse’s identity and web presence.

We asked what Greenhouse means to them, and how they want to experience that mission. Here’s what they said:

  • Diverse

  • Generous

  • Authentic

  • Welcoming

  • Unashamed

Those words became our building blocks.

Our Solution

To position Greenhouse as an environment for God to work his wonders, no matter who you are or where you are, we revamped a strong, modern brand that translates to any use, and a website that guides ordinary people into becoming passionate followers.

A Refreshed Brand

One Church. One Faith. Everywhere.

We took a strong, established visual form and emboldened it with a vivid, solid green. By removing an outdated gradient, the icon became stronger and more reproducible. And with a simplified color palette, it sure does look sharp inverted to white.

Greenhouse Church Branding

We took a font group with multiple typefaces, multiple weights, and multiple colors and simplified to one modern sans-serif that can be used in a contrasting grey or white.

Each part of the logo is easy to repurpose and reuse in a consistent manner, creating one identity no matter where it lives.

Greenhouse Church Brand Identity

A New Website

Join the Movement to the World.

Greenhouse Church Website Design

Greenhouse firmly believes that being a passionate follower means taking passionate action. To them, that means living in worship, mission, and community.

Every part of the new website is built around taking actions in those areas.

The website is an interactive experience that encourages exploration. Anywhere you go on the site, you’ll be guided toward a next step.

Highly-visual, page-specific calls to action meet with an intelligent information architecture. Users have engagement immediately available to them, no matter where they are – on the site, in their faith journey, or on any device.

Visual content in the form of a front-and-center video and strategically placed imagery throughout the site bring the in-person environment online. All sermons are accessible on-demand, and on Sundays, users can watch sermons live online.

Equipped with a strong brand identity and a powerful, action-oriented website, Greenhouse Church continues to provide an environment for God to work his wonders, and to help ordinary people become passionate followers of Jesus Christ.

From Gainesville, to the nations.