Innovative Machine, Inc. is the only labeling system manufacturer that increases labeling speed and accuracy for packaging and distribution businesses worldwide who live and die by efficiency in an era of speed.

IMI’s revolutionary products – and we don’t use that word lightly – apply packaging labels by air, rather than by touch. And with supporting technology, an IMI system can weigh, price, print, and apply labels at a print speed up to 16 inches per second.

And if that wasn’t enough, because labels are applied with air, IMI systems can place a label anywhere on a package, on any size package, and even oddly-shaped packages, with higher speed and precision than any other solution on the market.

That means a major bottleneck in any packaging and distribution center becomes the point of highest efficiency, in an economy where speed is everything.

The Project

IMI came to PHOS to develop a new sales vertical, build its brand, and support the highest level of service by offering ecommerce ordering of parts to support a national client base.

Planning For Quality

We created a set of user goals and website goals that allowed us to document an extensive user journey. A full map detailing entry points and navigation elements made an intricate ecommerce experience a simple journey.

Creating Industry-Leading Service

IMI’s mission includes providing the highest level of quality and service. To do that, we’ll be launching a full training portal that houses custom videos produced by PHOS. IMI customers will have access to a library of engaging information that will help them make repairs and improvements to their workflows – something entirely unique in their industry.

Expanding Brand Touchpoints

IMI’s brand stands apart via the reputation of its products and of the quality of its service. But for a company investing in expansion, the brand needs to expand along with the company.

Through inbound marketing on social media, email, search engine optimization, and custom design work we’re helping IMI elevate a comprehensive brand.

Innovative Machine is leading its industry in so many ways – with a game-changing product, it’s changing the way national companies distribute their products. With unparalleled levels of support, it’s creating loyalty in its clients.

And now, IMI is able to create new sales opportunities and drive that loyalty through an expanding online presence, that once again leads its industry.