Meghan Eggleston | PHOS Creative

Meghan Eggleston is a loving mom who, like many, struggled with body image, confidence and self-worth. Meghan’s passion for fitness and health started in college, although she had misconceptions on how to treat her body rightfully. It was not until after suffering from postpartum depression following the birth of her third child that Meghan hit a turning point in her mental and physical health habits. She started coaching part-time as a hobby and later realized that her passion would become her full-time career. She has changed the lives of over 1,400 people and continues to help people live fully and purposefully.

The Challenge

Meghan came to PHOS with a growing business, ready to expand her reach and serve her clients more effectively. Her business needed help conveying her mission. She needed a logo design that spoke to that and a website that would be aesthetically inviting but also functionally sound.

Branding, Content and a Platform to Serve It On

Meghan walked away with a defined brand that captures her purpose, faith and style. Her logo expresses a feminine liveliness that is consistent with her personality and values. Her new website uses a refreshing color palette and inviting photography to engage visitors. PHOS also helped streamline her business with email automation, allowing her to easily segment groups and target them strategically.

The PHOS team was able to take a growing business without a brand identity and Meghan’s inspiring journey and tell her story through branding, development, and engaging content. We felt her passion for life and showed it off to the world.