Outdoors360 is a company that aggregates fishing, hunting, hiking, and general outdoor videos, articles, and photos and shares them with fellow enthusiasts. When they first entered the scene, they exploded. In their first year and a half, they spun up more than a million views a month and had more than 100,000 likes on Facebook.

Outdoors360 is a brainchild of Rob Chapman. Rob has designed and worked with companies throughout the world from fishing industry leaders like the IGFA, Mustad, and PowerPole to BassProShops and Bealls. With his passion for the Great Outdoors and his background in digital media, he’s the perfect CEO of a company that shares outdoors stories with people across the globe.

Aside from sharing outdoors content on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube), Outdoors360 also provides gear reviews, recipes, “How-To” ebooks, and more resources helpful to those who love or are interested in learning more about being active outside.

The Challenge

Rob was looking for a giant site that could withstand all the videos, pictures, and articles he’d be collecting. The site needed to include an online store, interconnection with his many social media sites, visual appeal, and easy navigation. Most importantly, he needed a site that was optimized for mobile browsing.

Establishing the Brand Name

We aimed to deepen Outdoor360’s brand reputation, establish it as a thought leader, and increase its qualified leads. We also wanted to decrease their bounce rate and increase the amount of time users spent on their website. By creating a mobile-friendly website with new features, we were able to accomplish those goals and help them solve additional problems. We also built an e-commerce page that allows Outdoors360 to sell their own gear.

With Rob’s entrepreneurial forté and our marketing expertise, we were able to help realise his dream company.