The Facial Pain Association (FPA) is the world’s largest organization providing support, advocacy, and education for those who suffer from neuropathic face pain. Neuropathic face pain has many forms, one of which is called trigeminal neuralgia (TN). Trigeminal neuralgia causes extreme, often debilitating bursts of pain to the nerves in one’s face, making it difficult for patients to function normally.

FPA provides millions of people worldwide with information to help them cope with living with facial pain, such as trigeminal neuralgia, or with resources to help those who are caretakers for facial pain patients. All of their work is accomplished while keeping in mind the end-all goal: To find a cure for this horribly destructive disease.

The Challenge

FPA came to PHOS in need of a more effective online strategy to reach their global audience. Because their content serves millions of people worldwide, FPA needed a team that could manage their website, social media presence, and forum in order to spread the word about TN and facial pain.

Amplifying the Message

The FPA website offers a wealth of content, all playing an important part in finding a cure for trigeminal neuralgia. We reorganized their content architecture for easy access via the menu and through a responsive search engine. We also manage SEO and Google AdWords campaigns by reworking their content, both onsite and in their ads, to act as road signs for those looking for help.

Finally, we established a Facebook forum for facial pain patients to interact, encourage, and discuss problems and solutions with each other.