May 10, 2021

5 Ways to Rock Your Client Appreciation Strategy

At PHOS Creative, our team is passionate about gratitude. So much so that we include it in our definition of love — one of our 5 core values along with creativity, leadership, integrity, and community. We’re not unique in wanting to show our clients how much we value them, but it can feel overwhelming for some businesses to ideate and implement a client appreciation program from scratch. Not to worry because if you keep reading, you’ll learn some easy ways to show your clients how much you value them through easily actionable appreciation acts. 

Client Appreciation Gestures 

1. Get to Know Them

One easy way to demonstrate appreciation to your clients is to listen when they speak and get to know them on a personal level. No one, including your customers, wants to feel like just another number. When you can accurately recall what is going on in their lives and speak on it authentically during a conversation, it adds another layer to the personalized service that helps create raving fans of your brand. 

2. Show Random Acts of Kindness

At PHOS, we regularly send clients what we have lovingly dubbed “RAKs,” or Random Acts of Kindness. These are any variety or size gifts tailored specifically for the recipient, such as the following few examples. 

Listening well to your clients and what is going on in their lives allows you to personalize these gifts to bless them with something they can enjoy. At PHOS, there is no set schedule for these, but we try to send each client at least one over the life of their engagement with us. No matter your industry, implementing a RAK program could add invaluably to your client appreciation strategy. 

3. Write Thank You Notes

Thank you notes are another way we show our clients how much we love them at PHOS. Rather than waiting for specific occasions to reach out to our current clients, we write these notes “just because” and at any time. Hand-written notes containing a personal message for your clients about why you enjoy working with them and what they mean to you are an effective way to show gratitude. In the age of social media, email, and texting, receiving a handwritten note is often an “old-fashioned” concept that makes clients feel truly valued. 

4. Host an Event

Who doesn’t love to party? Planning a client appreciation event is an impactful way to show all of your customers you love them while also facilitating relationship building between your clients and your company. Even better is to host the event on an annual basis so customers can look forward to it each year. 

A few examples of client appreciation parties that pack on the fun include: 

Whatever type of event you choose, a client appreciation event allows you many opportunities to engage with your customers — beforehand to invite them, during the event as you interact, and afterward to thank them for their attendance. 

5. Celebrate and Engage With Them on Social Media

One of the best ways to show appreciation for your clients is to celebrate their wins on social media. If they’re truly your partner, their wins are your wins. Engage with their posts, comment encouraging words, and share their accomplishments with your network. Did your client just win a large award? Share the post! Did they just welcome a new team member? Welcome the newbie to the team! Did they just buy a new house? Send them a personal note congratulating them. Small moments of engagement show clients that you’re for them and that you’re appreciative of them. 

Happy Customers Make Other Happy Customers

What makes us proudest at PHOS Creative are the enduring relationships we have established with our clients over the years. We know appreciated clients tend to stay clients longer, so if you are interested in starting your own client appreciation strategy, reach out to the PHOS team today. We would be happy to connect with you to help you get started sharing the love with your clients.  

Caroline Lentz

Caroline Lentz

As a Copywriter, Caroline uses her background in creative writing and education to craft strong, engaging stories, using the magic of the written word to fuel purpose-driven content. She believes every company has an extraordinary tale to tell, and people should be at the heart of every “why.” When not flexing her creative muscles for PHOS, Caroline can be found chasing after her three young sons (and two puppies), hanging out with her husband, watching British mystery shows, reading a great book on the beach, or being active in her church. She loves chocolate, sports, and music, and is a hard-core Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter fan.