Our Global Mission

The world is ours to serve, and it desperately needs us to step up in love.

We are about restoring and protecting the rights of women and children.

As we reveal through our mission statement, PHOS is deeply passionate about being a place that the world is better for – we believe that businesses should exist for a greater purpose. In pursuit of that, we encourage and empower our teams to give away their time, talents, and treasures. Nowhere do we feel more called to do this than through causes that serve women and children. 

While we support a multitude of organizations, two stand out as our core cause organizations: Created Gainesville and Compassion International. Our support of these two causes is not occasional, but rather is a mindset that has been instilled in our team. We pray over these causes, we financially give of not just company resources but our own, we offer our time, and we strategically ideate around how to serve them best as they rescue, restore, and protect the most vulnerable women and children. 

About Created

Created Gainesville aims to reach and restore women affected by trafficking and exploitation in Gainesville, Florida. Created seeks to end sex trafficking and exploitation in our community. Through effective programs, they enable women to be empowered, reclaim their purpose, and rediscover their identity. They also pursue a cultural shift through prevention and awareness strategies that will eventually end sexual exploitation. 

Created’s approach is on prevention in reducing the supply, intervention in reaching the exploited, restoration in renewing lives, and awareness in stopping the demand. 

Since 2017, Created has reached over 1,100 women.

Created provides outreach for women in need by meeting them where they are. On the streets, Created teaches women about God’s unconditional love for them. In sex-oriented clubs, Created befriends and develops trusting relationships with employed women. Created offers weekly classes for incarcerated women in jails and assists in making an exit plan upon release. In the court system, Created advocates for women in the court system to gain access to rehabilitative services. 

About Compassion International

Compassion International is the world’s leading authority in holistic child development through sponsorship.

The children rescued by Compassion often come from extreme living conditions and situations that position them for lifelong hardships. Children in impoverished conditions are especially susceptible to despair and hopelessness. At the same time, a lack of education makes it difficult for them to find work in the future and increases the risk of exploitation. 

Nearly 400 million children live on less than $1.90 a day.

Through local ministries, Compassion provides opportunities that encourage the healthy development of a child’s entire being — spiritually, physically, socially, emotionally, and even economically.

  • Love. When children learn they are sponsored, they begin to feel Jesus’s transformative love in their lives. 
  • Education. Compassion gives sponsored children access to resources for school-aged children and vocational support as they age. 
  • Nutrition. Sponsored children gain access to food stability programs, clean water for drinking and hygiene, and, if needed, receive therapeutic feeding while at the child development center. 
  • Health Care. Compassion teaches children to adopt better hygiene practices and monitor their health. Compassion also provides preventative and emergency medical assistance to improve physical development. 
  • Spirituality. Compassion helps all faiths and does not require conversion to Christianity. But, through Compassion, many children hear The Gospel for the first time, receive their first Bible and lessons, and are encouraged by Compassion’s church partners. 
  • Sports and Exercise. Sponsored children’s participation develops socialization, fine motor, and sportsmanship skills while nurturing friendships.
Group of young children in school uniforms, smiling

Why PHOS Cares

Part of our mission statement at PHOS reflects that we exist to exemplify the love of Jesus Christ. We could not honestly say that we passionately pursue that mission if we turned a blind eye to the most vulnerable in our community and around the world. 

We are heartened in seeing how these organizations thoughtfully and prayerfully spend our donated dollars, and we are proud to support them as our core causes. 

Our partnerships with Created Gainesville and Compassion International allow us to speak love and hope into the lives of women and children and enrich their growth in Jesus’s name. 

Will you join us?

“Let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.”
1 John 3:18

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