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Creating Connections Through Purposeful Videography

Videography has the power to connect your audience to your mission in a matter of seconds. Strategically curated and implemented videography not only anchors your brand but inspires, offers perspective, and educates both internally and externally.

The PHOS Approach


Strategically crafted with your mission in mind, videography not only serves a marketing purpose but also communicates authenticity, transparency, and the story of your brand.


Video is the most immersive form of marketing and content in today’s digital world. People trust what they most connect with, and videography drives that relationship.


High-quality mediums that engage with imagery and our senses inspire us. Remarkable stories and brands paired with purposeful videography become share-worthy industry catalysts.

Our Process

In order to produce the most effective video possible, we seek to create strategic video content that aligns with and communicates your company mission, heart, and brand. In light of this, our videography team works hard to be a part of your entire PHOS process, engaging and offering insight from beginning to end in order to build lasting relationships and maintain brand consistency.

  • Video Storyboarding

    Our marketers, designers, and videographers work as a team to ensure that each video aligns with your visual identity and accomplishes your goals. This strategizing phase can include campaign planning, storyboarding, scripting, establishing a day-of schedule, gathering appropriate forms/releases, and offering a collaborative client approval process.

  • Filming

    The big day(s)! All of the filming details (script, attire, location, etc.) will have been established and approved of before the shoot as well as a schedule for how the day will go. If you’re uncomfortable in front of the camera, no worries. Our team comes prepared to anticipate any needs that may arise, and they create a warm, welcoming, supportive environment. You will be lovingly encouraged to reveal your heart in the story of your business, and our team will make sure you feel cared for during the entire process.

  • Post Production

    Post-production can run anywhere from 2-4 weeks depending on the length and scope of the video or project. This process includes music selection, audio tailoring, video editing, color correction, and optimization(s) for different display platforms. After the video has been completed, we offer two rounds of revisions, allowing you to critique, comment, and request edits on the video to further align the content to your vision.

  • Video Marketing

    Once the video is perfected, we help you get the most out of your content by marketing and distributing it through the most effective channels as part of a full, strategic marketing campaign. Channels may include social media, your website, a video blog, or paid advertising through the platforms your audience spends their time on.

Ready to Tell Your Story?

City Auto Repair Testimonial

“I can’t even put into words how this video made me feel. I literally CRIED! I am so impressed with the vision the PHOS team had to put my ‘why’ into a video.”

– Rachael Wacha, Owner of City Auto Repair

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