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Founded in 1951, Ward’s Supermarket is Gainesville’s only locally-owned and operated grocery store. For 65 years, the Ward family has dedicated their time and efforts to ensure the food sold in the store is natural, local, and delicious.

Ward’s sources from over 350 local vendors and provides gluten-free and vegan options at an affordable cost. As a local business, they focus on getting to know their customers, and they treat everyone (vendors, customers, and employees) like family.

Their commitment extends beyond groceries; they believe in serving the Gainesville community with the highest quality of farm-to-table foods that are not only healthy but helpful to local communities and the environment.

The Challenge

Ward’s Supermarket wanted to modernize their brand online. Their website not only needed a modern design, but also had to reflect Ward’s mission and commitment to their customers and the Gainesville community. They wanted a user experience that would be easy, functional, and would highlight why Ward’s is different from any other grocery store in Gainesville.

Bringing Passion to a Digital Presence

PHOS executed a complete online solution for Ward’s Supermarket, including a new website design, content creation, search engine optimization, and social media management. Our mission for this project was to convey Ward’s’ family-run culture and their commitment to locally produced products. Navigation of the website is suited for any user and content is clearly labeled, making information easy to find.

Our team took one step further to modernize Ward’s’ online presence by creating a social media strategy plan. Their Facebook page is now used to engage with customers and highlight the store and weekly specials, while the Ward’s Instagram shares bright, high-quality photos. Customers love engaging with the posts and social media has become a popular platform for Ward’s to perform customer service.

These changes have shown a 38% increase in total monthly website visits since the new site went live, and have built much higher online engagement with the customer, extending the Ward’s family atmosphere from their store to their online presence.

Community Connection

Ward’s Supermarket is known around Gainesville as the leader for local produce and natural foods. They are truly invested in the community – sourcing their products from local vendors in Gainesville and Florida whenever possible.

Their commitment to grass-roots, local community needed to extend to their social media presence as well. With a refreshed social media presence and ongoing community-centric content, their following on Facebook has more than doubled, with over 15,500 likes on Facebook and growing.


An additional aspect of their social media presence is to highlight local vendors and products. Videos give the followers on Ward’s an introduction to a new vendor and see the products in a new light, as well as get them excited to see it in store.


In addition to highlighting their local vendor family, it was also essential to highlight the Ward’s family as well. As a family owned and operated supermarket since 1951, Ward’s supermarket offers that “family feel” that is rarely found in grocery stores today. Each member of their staff is considered part of the family, and their smiling faces on the website reflect their kind and family-oriented approach to business.

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