Inbound Marketing

Fuel your bottom line with authentic lead generation.

Inbound Marketing Methodology

Your marketing or digital advertising shouldn’t feel interruptive to your audiences. Rather, your content and brand should meet your audiences where they choose to consume information. Our digital marketers are experts at identifying buyer personas, the channels that they are on, and the messages they are looking for.

Guiding Leads Through the Funnel

Every company has an identifiable customer base. In the marketing world, these are called “buyer personas,” and they each have unique and typical buyer’s journeys. From top-of-the-funnel curious prospects to bottom-of-the-funnel hot leads, our marketing strategies are aimed at reaching your audiences at every level of your sales funnel. Using various methods and channels such as retargeting, geotargeting, email nurture and drip campaigns, search engine optimization, and more, we guide prospects through the funnel, qualifying them along the way.

Creating Consistent Messages Across Digital Channels

Developing a brand voice is essential to creating a strong brand identity. That brand voice shouldn’t exist only on your website – it should remain consistent throughout all of your channels. From social media to email campaigns, users should recognize your brand on every platform. We ensure that every message of your brand aligns with your voice, tone, branding, and communication style. 

Using Data to Inform Strategy

Your marketing strategy shouldn’t feel like guessing. Decisions regarding how and where to reach your audiences should be data-driven. Our team uses digital tools, A/B testing, surveys, and more to collect data that informs our decisions.

We meet with our clients monthly, quarterly, and annually to discuss marketing metrics, what’s working, and what areas of the marketing mix offer the most opportunity.

Our Competencies

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Ranking in organic search results on Google and Bing is an important aspect of your digital marketing strategy. Our team tracks organic traffic performance, creates a strategy to improve your rankings for specific keywords, and optimizes web pages to help your customers find you.

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  • Social Media Marketing and Management

    Social media is incredibly important to creating a community of raving fans as well as acquiring new life-long customers. Through carefully curated posts and strategic paid advertising on the biggest social platforms, our team will help your business reach new clients.

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  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

    Your business should have a multi-channel strategy to meet customers wherever they may be online. Paid advertising is the perfect opportunity to go after keywords that will drive more conversions. Our marketers will craft a strategy that maximizes your budget to fuel your bottom line.

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  • Content Marketing

    Using the inbound marketing methodology, our team focuses on producing content that current or potential customers will benefit from. Long gone are the days of spammy advertisements and in-your-face promotions. Instead, we craft thoughtful and purposeful content that answers your customers’ questions and helps them find your business.

  • Data Tracking and Reporting

    One of our core values at PHOS is integrity. This translates into everything that we produce, including regular client communication and reporting. We never want you to wonder what we’re doing or what we’re working on for your marketing strategy. You’ll receive monthly marketing reports, sit in quarterly report meetings, and be invited to annual planning sessions. In these routine reports, we’ll analyze where we’ve been, trends we’re seeing, and plan for where we’re going.

  • Campaign Development and Implementation

    Your marketing strategy will influence new initiatives we’ll implement based on your business’s goals. We’ll work with your team to create innovative marketing campaigns that exist on many digital channels with the same core message. We’ll craft the digital assets, outline the strategy, implement the campaign, and present the results.

  • Email Marketing and Automation

    Email marketing converts 40 times as many consumers as social media. This proves to be a valuable channel for acquiring new customers and converting your current ones. By planning effective email campaigns and growing your subscriber list, your business can grow.

The PHOS Approach

Authentic Lead Generation

Any agency can promise website traffic. But, digital marketing experts generate qualified leads. Huge increases in traffic are great for building brand awareness, but if you aren’t reaching the right users, it won’t move the needle. We prioritize authentic lead generation practices by reaching the right people, at the right time, with the right messages.

Transparent Communication

This is your business and you deserve to know what’s happening. We’re humbled when a client hands over their “keys to the kingdom,” and we understand the importance of transparency and accountability. We provide regular reporting, meetings, and annual planning sessions with every marketing client.

Enthusiastic Partners

Marketing should be fun! We love what we do, and we love when we partner with clients that have that same passion for their business. Don’t be surprised if we become lifelong friends or if you leave our meetings with cheeks sore from laughter.  

Ready to Grow Your Business?

Danny Shore Testimonial

“I was very impressed with our first meeting with the PHOS team. I felt that they were passionate about their work and are leaders in their industry. They were not trying to sell us but instead showed us how they add immeasurable value to our company in the digital space. They helped us identify what makes our company stand apart and turned that into a reality online. This process was an investment for our team, our brand and the reason why we do it on a daily basis. The team at PHOS over-delivers on their promises and works with absolute integrity. I would highly recommend them to business owners who want to be leaders in their industry.”

– Danny Shore, CEO & Founder of Shore Builders

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