The Brief

Located in Gainesville, FL, Gaston’s Tree Service is a full-service tree company specializing in tree trimming and removal. They are a second-generation company with over 40 years of experience and certified arborists on staff. Gaston’s prides itself on creating safety and efficiency for its customers through the investment in top of the line equipment and training.

Started in 1972, the Gaston name has come to represent two additional value-added service and product businesses — Gaston Tree Debris Recycling and Gaston Mulch and Soil.

Our Vision

Our goal for this project was to position Gaston’s Tree Service as the top tree service provider in the area. To do this, we developed a visual identity and a marketing strategy aligned with every step of their buyer’s journey that would position them as an authority in their industry and drive new leads to their business.

Web & Brand Design

Gaston’s redesigned website focuses on a simple and purposeful user experience that provides visitors exactly what they need while building trust at every level. One of the highlights of the website is the equipment page. As a company, Gaston’s allocates countless resources into the purchase and maintenance of some of the best equipment in the industry. This page calls attention to Gaston’s investment in, and commitment to, employee and customer safety.

Photography & Videography

Many tree service companies speak about how beautiful they will leave your property but fail to show it. With Gaston’s, our goal was to use professional videography and photography to capture this outcome.

Inbound Marketing

We carefully considered the needs of the market through the lens of Gaston’s key objectives of lead generation and the development of brand authority to create a marketing strategy specific to their organization. Gaston’s utilizes search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing to meet users at every level of the marketing funnel. Employing these tactics, specific campaigns have been developed to address the immediate needs of their target audience, such as the increased demand for tree trimming prior to storm season.

Brand Development

A key focus of the redesign was to establish a new brand presence for Gaston’s Tree Service and all of the companies under the Gaston umbrella. This was accomplished through new branding as well as an overhaul of their visual and verbal identities to develop a systematized brand plan which is being rolled in phases.


With a new digital presence and marketing strategy, the Gaston brand now fully communicates what loyal customers have known for years. They position Gaston’s as “a truly professional company that treats people right” (5-star Review).


Since coming to PHOS, Gaston’s Tree Service has experienced the highest website traffic in the history of the company with a 109% increase from year to year. Additionally, they have seen key metrics like time on page, bounce rates, and conversion rates improve, leading to what Shawn Gaston, owner of Gaston’s Tree Service, referred to as an “explosion of sales calls.”

In addition to these business metrics, Gaston’s videography was recently recognized in the local community when it received The American Advertising Federation’s ADDY for Cinematography.

“My only regret is that we didn’t meet PHOS years ago” – Shawn Gaston, owner, Gaston’s Tree Service