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Websites Designed for Your Users

We use website design to tell a story about your business and we make your customer the hero. Your website shouldn’t feel like a digital billboard. It should provide an interactive experience where your audience feels understood, inspired, and loving of your brand. After all, your website is the first thing (or only thing) your customers will ever see before deciding to work with you. We want you to make a good first impression.

Creating Responsive Designs for All Devices

Over 50% of total website traffic in the world comes from mobile devices.

Responsive design is no longer a “nice to have.” It’s necessary to survive. All of the websites we craft are designed with a mobile mindset. We understand that your customers find you through many different means and we deliver websites that meet them right where they are.

Establishing a Consistent Digital Brand Identity

Your website should reflect your brand’s identity, which goes far beyond colors and typography. We identify user goals and important features before we even begin to design. Then, we find creative ways to encourage user interactions, outline content, and meet your needs. This process leads to not only an aesthetically pleasing website but also a highly-functional and conversion-optimized tool for your business.

Performing Quality Assurance and Ensuring Accessibility

Our team follows a strict quality assurance process to ensure that your website functions at the highest capability. We review all content, forms, buttons, animations, and many other website features to confirm that once your website is launched, it’s ready to serve you and your customers.

We also offer accessibility checks to verify that your new website meets ADA compliance requirements as stated by Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Our designers are committed to making your website accessible to all users. 

Our Process
  • Research & Planning

    As we kick off the project, we’ll develop a shared and documented understanding of the scope and goals of the website. Our kickoff survey, website brief, and full-team kickoff session will help us create a timeline and objectives together to make sure our teams are in-sync and headed toward a common vision.

    • Website Goals, Project Requirements Documentation, Current Website Audit, Project Timeline, Needs Collection
  • Content Development

    We design content architecture around the user, their goals, and your goals for them. We craft content to serve every user’s needs, all within the framework of a messaging strategy that tells the brand’s story and guides the user through their buyer’s journey.

    • Content Architecture Audit, Sitemap Development, Collaborative Content Development and Approval, Copywriting and Editing
  • User Experience Design

    Just as an architect plans out a project with blueprints, we plan out a website. Based on our established content goals and user groups, we develop an intended primary and secondary user flow. We focus on user experiences that guide a user to perform a desired action.

    • User Goals, Website Goals, Conversion Definition
  • Purposeful Web Design

    Once we have a journey defined for user groups along with content to guide the design, we create an engaging user interface. This front-facing design of the website furthers the brand’s visual identity and creates an environment for the user’s journey.

    • Website Design, Mobile/Responsive Design, Photography, Videography, Brand System Attributes
  • Web Development & Implementation

    Our WordPress development process is built on an intelligent custom framework designed to make websites fast, responsive, secure, and easy to manage. Each website is custom-built to support the needs of the user interface and give managers flexibility in creating and editing content within the context of the website.

    • WordPress Development, Ecommerce Development, Content Insertion and Migration, Responsive and Cross-Browser Inspection, Search Engine Optimization
  • Extensive Quality Assurance & Testing

    When the website is ready to launch, we work with your team to determine the optimal launch timelines to support public launch communication. As part of the launch process, we test every element to ensure that the final website is ready to serve your brand and its audiences.

    • Thorough Internal Review, Client Approval, Testing and Optimization, Website Launch, Client Training Session, Ongoing Website Maintenance

Ready to Grow Your Brand?

“Our firm, Campbell Spellicy Engineering, has worked with PHOS Creative to rebrand CSEI and redesign our website since May this year. I’m so proud to say that the launch took place in October and I personally could not be happier with the result. PHOS Creative is a team of particularly outstanding professionals who are also a lot of fun to work with. They pay attention to detail as well as individual personalities, which is so appreciated. Thank you PHOS!”

– Amy Lipinski, Office Manager at Campbell Spellicy Engineering

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