The Brief

Since 1995, Jay Brown, PE, has served his community by designing some of the most iconic spaces in the area, from Town of Tioga to Depot Park. By 2020, Jay’s work evolved into JBrown Professional Group, a large team of the finest engineers and surveyors in North Central Florida, known fondly as JBPro.

After 25 years, JBPro needed a new brand, website, and marketing strategy to grow with them as they entered a new phase of life. PHOS sought to create a new, professional image for the engineers that reflects their exemplary work and family-oriented atmosphere.

What We Did


Web Design

Web Design

Photography and Video

Photography and Videography

Digital Marketing


Our Vision

Our main objective for JBPro was to create a brand that balances the industry-leading work they do with the fun-loving personality of their team. We then amplified that brand with a new website, videography, photography, and a marketing strategy that deftly communicates JBPro’s mission and values.

Experience iconography


In an industry flooded with well-designed images, we separated JBPro from the pack by showcasing its care and expertise alongside the superior work it produces.


A driving focus for JBPro is their commitment to fostering growth and relationships both within their organization and their community. This unique quality was the foundation for the warm and friendly demeanor of their branding.


In any conversation with the JBPro team, it became clear that they earnestly seek to create partnerships instead of just buildings. Finding an ideal partner became a running theme in their website to communicate the integrity built within every project they work on.

Jbpro Website Screenshots

The Strategy

Our team met with JBPro for several months to truly dig into the driving purpose behind their business. 

Discussions around their existing website uncovered a significant detail – their website didn’t feel trustworthy. From here, PHOS guided the conversation to produce their 3 most important qualities for creating trust: a family environment that allows for enjoyment and professional growth, a commitment to efficiency and attention to detail for every customer, and building long-lasting relationships with communities they serve.

The website uses emotive photography of recognizable projects as a basis to build user trust from the moment they arrive on the site. A clean and professional design, custom sitemap, messaging strategy, and flexibility for future content additions result in a trustworthy website that presents JBPro’s past, present, and future.


Our designers collaborated with the then JBrown Professional Group to completely re-do their previous image and transform them into the industry-leading JBPro. While maintaining a friendly yet professional image, we created a logo and branding that evoked the precision, excellence, and vast creativity that JBPro brings to every project.

JBPro logo

Brand Photography & Videography

Nearly every one of JBPro’s team members were included in their visual presence. The photo and video team spent time highlighting JBPro’s superior work, but the main purpose was to communicate the identity of who created such incredible work and how it impacted their community. Stories were told of the thoughts that go into design while moments were captured hard at work and easy at play, the exact duality maintained in JBPro’s daily operations.

Digital Marketing

JBPro’s industry generally includes a longer sales timeline. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are land developments. Accounting for this, we completed a detailed breakdown of their customer journeys. From discovery to education to converting to closing, we worked closely with JBPro to outline the exact process through which someone would come to work with them.

Our ongoing strategy is to lead new users to the website where they find content relevant to their research process when considering a team with which to work. This includes search engine optimization, content creation, social media management, paid advertising, email marketing, conversion tracking, and campaign development. Customers know they are partnering with a team that is truly dedicated to delivering exceptional work every step of the way.


After just under a year with PHOS, the new website benchmarked a 127% increase in total users. Organic traffic increased by 295% due to a user-friendly design that appeals to search engines and a robust keyword strategy. 

JBPro continues to flourish through a multi-year PHOS partnership with PHOS. Since its last benchmark, the website has seen a 54% in sessions, with a 30% increase in conversions year-over-year. Their social media channels balance project highlights with culture-driven posts to maximize engagement and a thriving blog (amongst other SEO efforts) has driven organic traffic up by 42%. Marketing efforts also include an industry-focused newsletter and multiple sources of pay-per-click ads.

The JBPro brand has been firmly established and continues to develop in 2 new markets in the State of Florida. 2 years post-launch, their website continues to paint a picture of what working with JBPro will look like for their clients, a high-quality experience that tells a story. 31 new team members have joined the JBPro family in 2022, serving their clients with excellence and partnering with a marketing team that supports their bright future.

“PHOS has become an integral part of our team and has helped our company create a real brand identity and marketing presence.”

– Michael Brown, Director of Administration, JBPro