Strategic Consulting

Discover your business' roadmap to growing the right way.

Uncovering the Heart of Your Business

Our clients are small to medium-sized businesses and organizations that are focused on tactical goals and growth. With a nearly endless realm of opportunity available, having a strategy in place allows a business to cultivate what matters to them.

Every business has its own market environment, its own goals, its own history, and, ultimately, its own future. Strategic consulting enables us to create a clear path to that future.

Crafting Your Mission Statement

A mission is more than a phrase to hang on walls, wear on t-shirts, and plaster on shareholder documents. We believe that your company’s mission is the heart of your strategic plan. It is formed out of your “why” and lays out the roadmap to help your business reach its vision.

Defining Your Core Values

Core values define how an organization does business. They guide you and your team when making decisions. They should be celebrated often by you, your team, and your customers. Our team will help you identify which values align with your company and how they build into your unique brand identity.

Uncovering Your Vision

What do you want your business to look like in a year? What about five years? No matter how big or far away your goals may seem, we’re here to help you identify your vision and create the plan to reach your hoped-for future.

Our Strategic Method

Marketing & Industry Analysis

Competitive Audit

SWOT Analysis

Survey Development & Analysis

Focus Groups

Mission, Vision, Core Value Definition

Three Uniques Development

Brand System Creation

EOS® Marketing Strategy Implementation

Ready to Tell Your Story?

“We could not have been happier with the support and guidance PHOS Creative’s team provided throughout our rebranding and website redesign. They knew exactly what questions to ask to get to the heart of our company’s culture and helped us to communicate that message with clarity and with our beautiful new look. An amazing team and company.”

– Kevin Spellicy, President of Campbell Spellicy Engineering

Our Work

Partnering with Clients to Reach Their Vision

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