The Brief

In 2013, during co-founders Matthew Bellman and Alan Hamlet’s engineering Ph.D. studies at the University of Florida developed a unique stimulation technique and algorithms that would lead to a more beneficial cycling workout for people with paralysis. Coming from the Greek prefix “myo-” which means “muscle” and “lyn” which is Norwegian for lightning, MYOLYN or “muscle lightning” was created. A company dedicated to helping individuals with neurological disorders achieve ambitious health and athletic goals to a better quality of life.

MYOLYN’s two founders, Matthew Bellman and Alan Hamlet, have both seen the hardship of paralysis first-hand with their own loved ones struggling with health and mobility issues and recognize the need for continued, accessible therapeutic exercise.

What We Did
Web Design

Web Design

Photography and Video

Photography and Videography

Digital Marketing


Our Vision

Our goal for this project was to convey MYOLYN’s passion to empower those who would benefit from FES therapy. To do this, we developed a visual identity and marketing strategy that would position MYOLYN as a thought leader in their industry that empowers others to take control of their own health.


MYOLYN partners with their clients to support them throughout their recovery journey. To showcase MYOLYN heart, the website needed to enhance their voice, vision, and mission. The website messaging had to capture the MYOLYN brand focus of empowering clients with empowering content. The content our team developed for MYOLYN captured their essence as a trusted partner, with enthusiasm to serve.  


MYOLYN separates themselves from their competition by prioritizing the importance of creativity, ambition, and problem-solving. As a company, they exhibit their thirst for innovation by converging groundbreaking technological advancements. In order to showcase this, their visual presence needed to be unlike any other industry website. The website had to be built around a user-friendly journey that educated and delighted consumers with high-quality graphics, images, and videos.   


Every interaction with the MYOLYN team is met by a sincere partner who is excited to collaborate. MYOLYN’s digital presence through their website, emails, and social media required the same trust to their clients. Our team worked with MYOLYN to align every aspect of the brand identity and marketing strategy to establish a unified voice that captured their core values in a consistent narrative.

Web Design

MYOLYN’s redesigned website goal was to be a guide for users by leading a clear and logical journey through every step of the education process. MYOLYN’s core values shine through the content of each webpage as it promotes knowledge and shares innovative opportunities to potential clients. We designed a page for customer stories to not merely serve as a testimonial page but rather as a dedication to those clients whose outlook on life has been uplifted by their experiences with the MyoCycle.

MYOLYN’s focus is on helping their clients. When you travel to their homepage, it should feel like you are about to begin a remarkable journey to improve your health. As the user travels through the website, it should be a liberating experience that offers inspiration and education on each webpage. MYOLYN serves as a genuine and active partner for their clients, and their new website mirrors that user experience.

Strategic Consulting

We met with the MYOLYN team to fully understand their “why.” MYOLYN is passionate about producing a beneficial product that offers a simple user experience while being one of the most affordable types of FES bikes on the market. MYOLYN puts their clients first by prioritizing the accessibility of their innovative solutions. We helped the MYOLYN team refine their “why” into a well-rounded business strategy that would benefit their company and their clients. Our marketing team strategized an inbound marketing plan that would communicate MYOLYN’s “why” to every digital outlet in a cohesive manner. The ultimate goal was to produce a consistent brand voice that discussed MYOLYN’s “why” accurately and universally on all digital platforms, including email, Google, and social media.


Rehabilitation equipment companies often list all the clinical benefits of their products but rarely show the overall impact that their products have on their clients. Watching someone use the MyoCycle to find empowered movement is an emotional experience that can only be captured through impactful videography and photography. With MYOLYN’s brand ambassador video, not only did we effectively showcase the impact of their products, but we also presented MYOLYN as a caring partner. The videography connected to their community by highlighting the pain points experienced by their clients and demonstrating the effective solutions that MYOLYN offers in action.

Inbound Marketing

Since the beginning of our journey with MYOLYN, we carefully listened to their team and considered the needs of their business structure while developing their marketing strategy. An updated marketing strategy magnifies the commitment and support MYOLYN has for their clients.   

MYOLYN’s marketing strategy utilizes pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, email marketing, social media advertising, search engine optimization, and more to guide users at every step of the buying journey. In order to create a well-rounded marketing campaign, we created a cohesive message that we communicated using a drip-email campaign and a social media advertising campaign. We showcased four separate advertisements and four emails to delight and educate their potential audience at all stages of the decision process.


Before the launch of the new website and marketing strategy, MYOLYN received most of their potential leads through Google Ads or Pay-Per-Click marketing. With a new website design and purpose-driven marketing strategy, we’ve been able to maximize their prior strategy to its full potential. Since coming to PHOS, we’ve already seen an increase of 30% in clicks from Google ads compared to the previous four months! 

The MYOLYN website provides a clear user journey from start to finish. With the centralized user experience, the MYOLYN team is now able to better utilize website data to strategize new marketing initiatives that will generate more qualified leads.