Define your unique visual and verbal identity.

Storytelling With Simplicity

Brand systems include more than just a logo. Branding creates a uniform identity for your customers to perceive your company. A meaningful, memorable, and consistent brand offers customers an unmistakable image and clear feeling about your organization.

Defining Brand Values

A company’s core values, mission, messaging, and history frame how a brand will be communicated through logos, fonts, colors, and collateral. Using an array of creative exercises, workshops, and surveys, we collaborate with clients to define design elements that reflect their values. Using this research, our design team crafts mood boards, verbal identities, logos, and style guides.

Understand Your Brand

Crafting Verbal and Visual Identities

Verbal identities represent how a brand speaks. They define tone, voice, grammar, what a brand says, and what a brand does not say. This identity should harmonize with your visual identity, creating consistency and clarity across all mediums. Through our branding process, we develop messaging and communication style guides that empower marketing teams, leadership teams, and HR teams to deliver a cohesive and compatible message inside and outside of the organization.

Our Branding Process

SWOT Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Brand Positioning

Logo Design

Messaging Strategy

Brand Storytelling

Copywriting and Editing

Visual Style Guide Development

Collateral Development

On-Brand Supporting Graphics

Advertising Design

Ready to Grow Your Brand?

“We have been working with this amazing team of experts since May on re-branding and building our website from scratch. From the moment we walked in the door to the final approval of the site, our experience has been top-notch! The creativity, expertise, professionalism, the whole journey has just been very special and enjoyable! Brandon West leads a superior example in this industry!’

– Cynthia Gaston, Gaston’s Tree Service

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