The Challenge

Dan Mayer is the visionary founder of Numa Coffee Company, a premium coffee roasting business established in 2021. After departing from his previous career in IT, Dan was determined to acquire a business that he could run as a ministry. When the opportunity presented itself to buy the existing coffee company, The Righteous Bean, he jumped at the opportunity in pursuit of a bigger mission. Given that Dan bought this company instead of starting a new one, the challenge of rebranding the business was a crucial part of his acquisition.

The Righteous Bean came with outdated branding and a subpar e-commerce website. We knew that the greatest challenge and also greatest measurement of success would be to provide Numa Coffee Company with a functional, beautiful, and mission-forward brand and website — something not common in the over-saturated coffee industry.

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Our Vision

In partnership with Numa Coffee, our goal was to change the perception that coffee shops with a faith foundation do not always have to be corny and outdated but can be beautiful and unique. Developing a brand that represented Numa’s mission and brought new life and energy to consumers’ coffee enjoyment was the key to success for this e-commerce brand.


Numa coffee was started, not to simply sell great coffee, but to serve a larger mission. We knew that all marketing efforts from branding, website design and functionality, content creation, photography, and product packaging needed to show the purpose and mission of Numa Coffee Company.


Numa Coffee cares about everyone who walks through the door or visits its website. A major aspect of the Numa brand was that it needed to inspire and encourage all consumers who came in contact with the company. The PHOS team wanted to develop a space that people could come to, while drinking their morning coffee, and be encouraged to make the world a better place.


Numa thrives in seeing others succeed. Coffee often fuels people throughout their day and Numa wanted to be a place that empowers people not just through coffee but also through relationships and community. Implementing this empowerment through words of affirmation was a significant goal of the content writing for the website.

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The Strategy

During our engagement with Numa, the PHOS team assisted with new branding, messaging, product photography, brand plan development, collateral and packaging design, and strategic marketing planning. We spent the majority of our engagement helping Dan identify his mission and strategizing how to display his heart through all digital marketing channels.

At the most fundamental level, Numa needed a functional e-commerce website with robust shopping capabilities. The previous website was greatly lacking in both design and customer experience. We knew that the website needed to showcase all coffee products, ease the shopping experience, and clarify the new Numa brand and mission.

The Solution

Strategic Consulting

When Dan found PHOS, he already had the idea to rename The Righteous Bean to Numa Coffee Company. The name “Numa”, which means “breath” or “life”, was inspired by a desire to provide “breath” and “life” to all relationships with customers, farmers, employees, and anyone who enjoys Numa Coffee.

After successfully changing the name, our team helped Dan identify his specific mission and develop the company’s core values and unique industry offerings. Even though Dan knew that he wanted to run his business as a ministry, he still needed to identify his core cause.

Through several meetings and creative exercises, the PHOS team helped Dan draft his mission statement — “Cultivating Human Flourishing Through Serving (Great Coffee).” This mission statement encapsulates a lot of what Dan is passionate about and how he ultimately wants “Numa to be known as the model for improving the lives of farmers who grow our coffee along with providing hubs of winsome and positive influence in every major community around the globe.”


The previous “Righteous Bean” branding was extremely dated and uninviting. The biggest goal with the new branding was to breathe life and energy into the brand and show a distinction from many other coffee brands in the industry. To do this, our team knew that the logo could not be boxed in and would lean into curvature throughout the design. Thinking about how breath moves, we wanted the logo to also be whimsical and fun. Our team collaborated with Dan, entirely redesigning this coffee brand into an image that reflects the beauty and empowerment that is Numa Coffee.

Numa’s logo and branding is an intentional representation of a mission-minded organization, dedicated to a high-quality product with a high impact. Numa Coffee’s logo design was honored at the 2023 AAF-NCFL American Advertising Awards and was awarded a Silver ADDY Award for logo design.

Web Design & Development

E-commerce Emphasis

Given the necessary e-commerce element of the site, the web design was rooted in a desire to display Numa products beautifully while not sacrificing any ease of shopping for customers. Not only was this achieved but the shopping functionality was exceeded with additional subscription options, product filtering, and customized product purchasing.

Not only did Numa Coffee win an award for exceptional branding, but also was honored as the Best Consumer Website in the 2023 AAF-NCFL American Advertising Awards.


Because Numa is, at its core, a business as a ministry, displaying and clarifying Numa’s mission and vision throughout the entire site was an undertaking our team was determined to accomplish. Our team needed to take Numa’s heart and turn it into words throughout all messaging on the website. We knew this had been accomplished when a customer told Dan that the messaging on the website matched perfectly with how Dan was speaking to her in the store.


The photography for this project was unique because not only did Numa need brand photography but also product photography that would serve them well now and as the business expands in the future. Our team also knew that photography would need to serve their website and inbound marketing. Because of this, it was important to capture the community emphasis of the brand and communicate the influence that Numa Coffee has to bring people together.

Inbound Marketing

Our ongoing marketing for Numa Coffee Company included rebranding all social media channels along with the new site, establishing a strong digital marketing presence, and creating a beautiful and functional online shopping environment. This includes search engine optimization, social media marketing, paid advertising, content marketing, conversion tracking, and campaign development.

The Impact

Since launching in October of 2022, the Numa Coffee website has had a 220% increase in organic website traffic. Not only have online e-commerce sales increased but Numa Coffee is now also carried in two Zerbos market grocery stores in Michigan.

However, the impact of Numa goes far beyond increases in website traffic and revenue. Coffee buyers now have a place where they know when they purchase high-quality, specialty coffee, they are also improving the lives of the farmers who grow coffee, the customers who drink coffee, and the people who serve coffee.

The impact that Numa Coffee has and the true mission of this company’s heart has never been shown better than through the story of Cece, their most faithful supporter. When our team asked Dan to tell his best customer story, he responded, “Cece lives in the apartment building next to the market and arrives at our booth right at 7:00 AM. She is elderly and lives on a fixed income but never fails to bring a package of chocolate for us to enjoy and a card with scripture or something encouraging written on it.

The highlight of her week (per her own admission) is getting a cup of our coffee which we help her carry to a bench that she sits on while she watches people coming and going. She always says how much she loves our coffee and seeing us there every week to greet her. And we always tell her that she is the biggest reason we love being a vendor at the market. Beyond the market, we will sometimes give her a call to see how she is doing. But just seeing Cece’s face light up as she comes walking up to us on Saturday mornings (slowly with her walker, mind you) is one of our clearest reminders of why we are doing this…and that is because we seek to have a positive impact on the lives around us…in our community and our world, one Cece at a time.”

"PHOS Creative is a group of consummate professionals on top of being wonderfully personable and great listeners. Brandon, amazing job at bringing together such a great team of people. There is not one team member (and I had the pleasure of working with more than a few) with whom I had a less than stellar experience throughout our engagement. Numa Coffee has been given a huge leap forward due to the efforts this team has put forth."

—Dan Mayer, Owner of Numa Coffee Co.