A Slice of Pure Florida

Ginnie Springs is one of Florida’s most beautiful natural resources, consisting of seven springs located in High Springs, FL. Locals and tourists travel from all over to do everything from camp, dive, kayak, tube, spend time with family, and more. With activities available for every person in your family or group, no matter what you’re doing, life is just better at the Springs.

The client came to us wanting a website that would visually showcase the utter beauty of Ginnie Springs. It needed to be easy to navigate and rich with content so that first-time guests would feel confident that they’ve collected all of the information that they need to plan a trip for their families.

Our Vision

We knew that Ginnie Springs had captivating views above and below the water line and we knew that designing the website around the pure beauty of this natural resource would instantly create an aspirational experience for every visitor of the site.

Understanding that most people visiting the website were looking to plan vacations, we designed the homepage to funnel users through all the information a family might need during their planning process. Brand-centered headings amidst beautiful photography and playful animations keep users engaged as they navigate through the website.

Pages filled with rich content that’s outlined to be consumed quickly make the user experience one that people won’t forget.

The Ginnie Springs website was recognized as the Best of Show against all local advertising work in Gainesville, FL at the American Advertising Awards.

These awards honor the best in local advertising and cultivate the highest creative standards in the industry.

Results That Speak For Themselves

1 Million Sessions

Since the launch of the site, every channel to the site has produced an increase of sessions. The first Summer season after the launch, 605K users found the new website, making that the best year in terms of traffic to-date.

76% of Traffic is Organic

With rich content and enhanced SEO value, the #1 channel of traffic on the site is Google. In the first 12 months of the website launching, Google brought over 465K people to the site. 96% of those people were brand new visitors.

244K Out-of-State Sessions

36% of US visitors are out-0f-state coming from Georgia, Texas, North Carolina, Alabama and so many more. Better than ever before, Ginnie’s website is empowering the economy through tourism from around the globe.