The Brief

In 2009, Jason Lee joined the SkyFrog brand by launching a separate full-service landscaping company, SkyFrog Landscape, to service homes in tandem with the original tree service partner. Growing from the ground up with one person, one truck, and one trailer, SkyFrog Landscape now operates with crews and fleets to serve their ever-expanding clientele. 

When SkyFrog Landscape came to PHOS, our goal was to empower and expedite business growth. Through strategic consulting, we sought to uncover the vision and purpose to anchor that growth to meaningful success and drive holistic branding and marketing efforts through which the Skyfrog team has experienced even greater growth than anticipated.

What We Did


Web Design

Web Design

Photography and Video

Photography and Videography

Digital Marketing


SkyFrog Landscape Website

Our Vision

Transparent Partnerships

How do you communicate transparently online? You use clear, concise language that speaks to people rather than over their heads. Personable inbound marketing leads prospective clients to a website offering a thoughtful user experience hallmarked by service clarity, allowing SkyFrog to show integrity and transparency.

Knowledgeable Expertise

Being educational gives authentic proof as to experience and expertise, and that’s what we’ve strived to do with knowledgeable copywriting to represent industry authority written in a way easy for all to understand. By matching their expertise in delivering the website and our marketing, SkyFrog’s brand authority is never diluted.

Trusted Professionalism

SkyFrog Landscape serves as a confident and trusted advisor for all of the community’s landscaping needs. To convey this, we crafted a uniform brand voice that speaks with the authority of an industry professional, yet is warm and welcoming like a valued friend alongside a visual digital presence that echoes their standard of high quality.  


To create a unique and industry-leading brand identity to drive qualified traffic, leads, and revenue, our team worked to deeply understand the “why” behind SkyFrog Landscape’s business. In doing so, we harnessed their passions to craft a brand with a narrative that uniquely captures their story and promotes worthwhile connections with their market audience.

Our design team worked collaboratively with the SkyFrog Landscape team to reimagine their previous logo that no longer served or reflected their business well. In listening to the heart within their business and how their leadership team wanted customers to perceive their company, our design experts crafted a new characterized logo that brought warmth, personability, and professionalism while keeping the design more closely tied to the previous logo with a focus on simplification and modernization.

Web Design

The refreshed web design sought to position SkyFrog Landscape as a trusted residential and commercial landscaping company while solidifying their expertise and experience to build trust with the user and reflect how their teams conduct themselves with transparent communication and fulfilling engagements. The main goal of the design is to simplify what SkyFrog does while showcasing that work to gain more qualified, sales-ready leads.

The design utilizes beautiful and inspiring photography that motivates users to transform their own outdoor spaces. The design also features a clean, modern layout that feels high-end and professional while injecting visual elements to convey personable and inviting sentiments.

SkyFrog Landscape Website


A photo can speak for itself, and that’s certainly the case when it comes to the stunning captures of SkyFrog’s landscaping projects. Especially with service industries, showcasing work harnesses the visual power to convey expertise and value. For this engagement, we have ongoing photoshoots to capture the latest and greatest of SkyFrog’s work to highlight their services, engage prospective clients, and drive leads to conversion. 



To produce the most effective brand anchor video possible, we sought to create strategic video content that aligns with and communicates SkyFrog Landscape’s mission, heart, and brand identity. We conveyed their why as we educated viewers on all that SkyFrog has to offer by using thoughtfully captured video with a warm spoken narrative to connect with viewers for a meaningful immersive experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Inbound Marketing

Our inbound marketing strategy focuses on authentically engaging SkyFrog Landscape’s growing audience with insightful user touchpoints in a multi-channel approach to propel prospective clients through the lead generation process. By synergizing Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, social media management and advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), reputation management, and continual website updates, our partnership has empowered SkyFrog Landscape to pursue their business goals with more confidence and vigor than ever. 

SkyFrog Landscape Team