March 29, 2023

What Your Company Needs to Know About Apple Business Connect

For years, Google My Business (GMB) (recently updated to Google Business Profile) has been a crucial component of your business’s local presence online. GMB helps your company manage your company across the Google network. Similarly, Apple Business Connect will now help businesses unlock more opportunities to reach local customers.

As the new kid on the block, Apple Business Connect is a new resource to help put your business on the map. If your company is looking to gain more of a presence in local visibility, read on.

What is Apple Business Connect?

Have you ever been frustrated that you could not change your photos or hours of operation in your Apple Maps listing? Apple Business Connect now gives your business the ability to manage all your listing details like you would for Google My Business.

Previously known as Maps Connect, Apple Business Connect is a resource Apple has created to give you more control over your business listing. Just like in GMB, Apple Business Connect will give your business the ability to control and add to the information that is shown for your business. This in turn adds a lot of value to your ability to reach and convert the people looking for you.

This new resource also has other key features that may be beneficial for your business depending on what industry you are in. If you own a restaurant, for example, customers will now have the ability to book a reservation for your business directly through the Apple Business Connect platform. Since this is an Apple resource, it is no surprise that you also have the ability to use Apple Pay through the platform as well. The addition of this platform will truly revolutionize the way you interact with customers across the Apple network.

Why Should Your Company Use Apple Business Connect?

Managed Business Profile

Before the creation of Apple Business Connect, businesses had no control over what was shown on their business listing across Apple Apps. It was sourced via what Apple could scrape from the web or from Yelp listings.

This platform now gives businesses enhanced control over their listing. Didn’t like your logo before? Now you will have the ability to update your logo, business photos, phone number, business hours, and much more!

Enhanced Customer Experience

All of the key features that Apple Business Connect provides an increased customer experience for your entire target audience. Having access to relevant and up-to-date information for your business is crucial to capturing leads and keeping them satisfied throughout their customer journey.

Not only can your company upload the most relevant information, but customers can also message, call, order, or reserve appointments for your business directly through the platform. This ease of use enhances your customer’s experience from the very first contact.

Streamlined Management

Apple Business Connect also helps streamline the internal management process for your business. Your team now has the ability to communicate with customers straight through this platform. This provides a record of all customer communication through this service. This also helps your team promptly reply to your customers with the simple tap of a button.

How to Set Up Apple Business Connect

Thankfully, many people are familiar with using the Apple ID system to manage their personal Apple devices. Similarly, you will need to create an Apple ID to manage your business listing. To create a business account, you can utilize many of Apple’s helpful resources. If you are part of a larger organization and Apple ID management is of concern, check out this resource.

Before you start to create your account, there are a few items your team should be aware of. Choose someone on your team to be in charge of this initiative to keep the creation process simple.

This person will need to have all business information before beginning the process such as:

If you choose to source this project out to a third-party company, you will also need to give them proper access. Apple has provided everything you need to know to create an Apple Business account in this resource!

Ready to Connect?

While the continual debate between Apple and Google is far from over, Apple Business Connect certainly gives Apple a way to compete in the local digital arena. In addition to Bing, Yelp, and Google listings, Apple Business Connect will be a necessary platform for your company to monitor and manage.

Are you ready to get your business on Apple Business Connect? Our team of experts is ready to help set your business up for success by utilizing all tools to increase your local ranking. Reach out to us to set up Apple Business Connect today!

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