November 7, 2019

Using Emojis in Your Digital Marketing Strategy the Right Way

Emojis entered the scene in 2011, but there’s no stopping these little icons. Emojis are in every digital space imaginable. Before emojis, users could really only use emoticons, characters typed out on a keyboard. That was back when a text message took you 7 minutes to type. But as time passes, technology evolves, and the emojis we know and love today replaced emoticons.

Emojis Are Almost a Second Language

Emojis aren’t technically a language, but they can say a whole lot more than words alone. These little pictures can boost your marketing efforts if done the right way. They can have multiple meanings, so use emojis carefully. Using simple emojis in your brand’s messaging will connect you to your audience and increase engagement rates.

Why You Should Be Adding Emojis to Your Marketing Strategy

In the age of technology, users see thousands of promotional messages in just one day. You don’t want someone to scroll right past your content simply because it blurred together with the other posts in their feed.

Emojis capture your attention and make you want to act when you see them on social posts, in emails, and even used on your website.

Add More Meaning and Context to Social Posts 🔍

Did you know words only represent 7% of all impactful communications? That means 93% of the messages we experience and actually remember are nonverbal. So how can you do that digitally? Say hello to your new BFF: emojis.

Emojis are the nonverbal element to your message that allows people to feel when they see your content. Ultimately, you want your audience to know your voice without having to hear you. This is powerful because, most often, the first interaction a user will have with your brand will be through a digital channel.

You want users to act. Maybe it’s to fill out a form, sign up for a newsletter, or pick up the phone and call you. Emojis encourage your users to convert.

Emojis stir up emotions and create urgency to act among your audience.

Emojis Increase Engagement 🚀

You’ve spent hours researching, creating, and perfecting a piece of content, and you’re ready to send it out to the digital world. You post the content, but you find that it sits untouched on your website. Why?

There could be several reasons why your content isn’t going viral, but if you want to make your social posts exciting and “stop mid-scroll through your feed” worthy, you’ll want to give emojis a try. According to Hubspot, posts that use emojis receive 57% more Facebook likes, 33% more comments, and 33% more shares than posts without emojis. Emojis could be the missing ingredient to your content strategy.

They Can Add Personality to Your Brand 😂

Marketing products like cupcakes and pool floats seems easy because these products are already exciting on their own. But what about marketing home services or dental check-ups? Not as fun, unless you are a home service provider or a dentist (we appreciate you all!)

However, emojis add personality and give your products and services the excitement they deserve. Emojis upgrade a post about changing your AC filter to a fun reminder that your AC unit deserves love, so go change your filter. Instead of talking at your followers, you are talking with them.

It’s so important that you humanize your brand because people are quick to write off a business or organization if they think they are getting automated or cookie-cutter responses. Emojis create that human connection and creates authenticity, meaning more people will want to talk to you and do business with you. If you open up your phone and go to your emoji keyboard, your personality is reflected by your most used emojis. Give your brand a unique personality with its own set of personalized emojis.

Increase Two Way Communication 🤝

Brands can also use emojis to understand their customers’ wants and needs better. You can gauge your audience’s feelings by including these CTAs in your posts:

Not only will you boost your engagement rate, but your followers will feel heard! There’s nothing better than an engaged audience that will let you know how they feel. You never know, your next big idea may come from an Instagram comment!

Bolster Higher Open Rates and Click-Through Rates 📧

You thought emojis were only reserved for social posts? Wrong! Emojis add a boost to your email subject line causing more opens and clicks. According to Econsultancy, emojis (done correctly) can increase your open rate by as much as 25%. But, if you use them incorrectly or aggressively, emojis can hurt your open rate by 25%.

Incorporates a Visual Element 👀

If you are sharing long-form content or adding statistics to your social posts, emojis bring a visual element to your wordy post. Emojis actually help your audience remember what they’ve read by associating it with pictures.

You can also upgrade your CTAs on social media with an emoji. On your website, you have the luxury of adding buttons for your CTAs. On social media, you have to think outside the box when it comes to adding an engaging call-to-action. Using the arrow emoji to point to a link, bulleting a list with emojis, or simply drawing the eye to the important takeaway are all ways to show off your CTAs in a social post.

Use Emojis Wisely

Hopefully, we’ve convinced you emojis are the right thing to do when it comes to your digital marketing. But with great power comes great responsibility. Use emojis the right way to garner the best results.

Keep it Consistent Across Platforms ✍️

If you are going to use emojis on one platform, you better be using them across the rest. This isn’t to say you should start throwing emojis into your website’s landing pages. We suggest that you use them for all of your social media accounts and email marketing messages. If you use emojis religiously on Facebook, make sure to continue it throughout all of your social media.

Consistency is absolutely crucial when it comes to brand voice. How you present yourself on one platform should be how you present yourself on the rest. This connects your accounts to the same brand narrative and creates trust with your audience.

Know Your Audience 🤔

Before you decide to dose your audience in a shower of emojis, be sure that they actually want to see them. According to Time Magazine, only 35% of those over the age of 65 enjoy seeing emojis in messages. If your target audience doesn’t primarily respond to emojis, it’s best to keep emojis out of your messaging.

Don’t Go Overboard 🏊‍♂️

Less is more when it comes to emojis. You don’t want to confuse your customers, so stick with three emojis per post. With email subject lines, it’s best only to use two emojis per subject line. It catches their eye but doesn’t overwhelm their inbox.

Set the Right Tone 🗣

Emojis are great additions and can a lot of personality to your brand. But, there’s definitely a time and a place when emojis should sit out. If you share a serious message or one that requires a lot of clarity, don’t throw in emojis. Keep things professional in those circumstances.

Emojis Add Value to Your Online Presence

Your business or organization could benefit from emojis. Here at PHOS, we definitely use 💡 the most. Whether you choose a playful, upbeat, or engaging tone for your business, emojis can push your social media and email marketing to the next level.

No matter which emojis you think will define your brand’s voice, let our team at PHOS Creative help you craft the perfect marketing strategy for your organization.

Bailey Revis

Bailey is dedicated to infusing joy into every single touchpoint she has at PHOS with team members, clients, and our community. As Director of Marketing, she oversees our incredible team of marketers, supporting them as they foster great relationships and exceed our clients’ goals.

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