April 24, 2024

Google Guarantee: What Is It and How Do You Get It?

Updated April 2024

You know you’ve made it when your customers turn your name into a verb: “Just Google it!”

Google is a force in the way we gather information, and its popularity does not seem to be slowing down. Google handles 8.5 billion searches a day, and that volume means it has a huge influence over companies on the global, national, and local levels.

Google started offering a platform for local businesses to register with Google in 2012 with Google+ Local and, in 2014, launched Google My Business. Those platforms have positioned Google as one of the top resources for local reviews and lead generation for local businesses.

Google has explored and beta tested ads for local business beginning in 2015 and has since solidified the process we know today: Google Guarantee.

Local Service Ads

Today, if you searched “plumbers Gainesville, Florida,” your search results page would probably populate Local Service Ads at the very top, some of which contain a green check mark badge known as the Google Guarantee.

Local Service Ads operate as pay-per-lead, meaning you only pay if a customer calls, books, or messages you directly through the ad. You also set your budget based on how many leads you want.

Your business’s Local Service ads will only populate to customers within your service area that are searching for your specific service offerings. This way, your ads are being presented to people who are ready to make a purchase.

When you sign up for Local Services Ads, you can become a Google Guaranteed business.

What Is a Google Guarantee?

The Google Guarantee is a badge earned by a verification process, available for select service providers. For service providers in the United States, you can check this Google resource to see if your business qualifies for Local Service Ads.

This green check mark icon deems your business as reliable by Google, encouraging more trust and support for local businesses.

Screenshot of a Google Guarantee ad showing the business name "Everlast Lawns and Landscapes LLC" with business contact information and three buttons. The buttons are labeled Call, Message, and Share

If someone books a job through a Google Local Service ad and is unhappy with the service of a Google Guaranteed company, Google may reimburse the amount of the invoice up to $2,000, at Google’s discretion. You can find all the guidelines for reimbursement here.

To become Google Guaranteed, your business must pass a series of Google screenings and verification processes through Google Local service ads, including, but not limited to: licenses, background checks, insurance, and reviews in your Google My Business profile. This process can be time-consuming, and not every business qualifies for it.

How To Get Google Guaranteed

The process of receiving a guarantee is fairly straightforward, but requires a time commitment. If you operate in an area that offers the Google Guarantee for your service industry, you can apply by taking the following steps:

  1. Create a Google My Business Listing if you don’t currently have one. This step also requires postcard, video or live video-chat verification.
  2. Visit ads.google.com/local-services-ads, and click “Get Started” in the top right-hand corner.
  3. Put in your postal code and select your job category, and click “Check Eligibility.”
  4. Add your email address and click “Next.”
  5. Fill in the corresponding business details so that users can contact you. All you need is a phone number to get started, but we recommend inputting your website, as well.
  6. Next, set up your service areas, select the services you offer, and add service times. After these steps, your profile will be created.
  7. Lastly, to receive the Google Guarantee badge, provide additional details and documents through the “Business Verification” tab.

The Benefits of Google Guarantee

The Google Guarantee has had a significant impact on companies offering home services. Not only is Google Guarantee an excellent way to maintain trust with your current customer, but it is a fantastic tool to build reputation quickly in new service areas.

With this magic seal of approval, Google is proclaiming that your company is more trustworthy than those who are not Google Guaranteed. With Google offering an extra layer of security to potential customers, it’s unlikely that companies without the Guarantee will be able to compete.

From the perspective of a customer, it is most important to feel a high level of trust with the service provider you are inviting into your home or office – both in quality of service and quality of character in service providers. Trust is exactly what Google is offering on your business’ behalf through Google Guarantee.

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How Do Google Guaranteed Ads Work?

Google Guaranteed Ads allow local companies to choose which services they provide from an extensive list of options. After setting up your profile and budget, you can specify when and where you’d like your ads to show based on the zip code, city, or county level.

You can include and exclude geographic areas to target your ideal customers:

Zoom in map of Florida showing Alachua county highlighted in blue, with an area of Gainesville highlighted in red. The blue highlight indicated the included area, and the red indicates the excluded area.

You can receive phone call leads, message leads, or even appointment bookings that integrate directly with your company’s CRM.

You’ll be charged whenever you receive a lead. You can even dispute leads that are invalid (such as calls from a vendor or an existing customer) to receive a credit on your account so you can protect your budget.

How is Google Guarantee Different From Google Ads?

Although both are offered by Google, Local Service Ads and Google Ads are quite different. Local Service Ads are intended solely for businesses in the service industry. The scope of who can advertise with Google Ads is much larger.

Almost anyone can advertise on Google Ads. In fact, you can advertise on Google Ads without having a website – although, we recommend having one for optimal results.

Local Service Ads exist to bring in leads, so other statistics, such as impressions, are not measured. The ads only populate on the Google search query page and have limited keywords. The ad itself is not personalizable, especially when compared to Google Ad options.

With Google Ads, you can run numerous campaigns with a large variety of keywords. Google Ads can populate across multiple platforms, such as Google search pages, websites, YouTube, Google maps, and more. There are more data-driven features for Google Ads, such as impressions and clicks, and a conversion may not equate to a lead.

In terms of cost, Google Ads and Google Guaranteed Ads costs will vary widely depending on location, industry, and the maturity of the campaign. The highest return on ad spend isn’t always clear without testing your situation. We always recommend testing both options as your budget allows and allocating spend based on results to maximize your return on investment.

Capture Local Leads with PHOS

Our heart at PHOS is to see your business grow. We’re here to help you take the next step in expanding your business’s local presence. If you’re looking to refocus your company’s lead acquisition game plan, let us navigate a new strategy together.

If you have further questions about how Google Guarantee may affect your ability to generate leads, we’d love to hear from you. We’re ready to help your customers engage and lead generation take off.

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