February 22, 2023

Tired of Marketing Turnover? Hire an Agency Instead

Does this sound familiar? Years ago, your company hired its first marketing manager and they were everything you could’ve imagined. Eventually, your marketing manager found a more lucrative position with a company closer to home, and you took over the department single-handedly.

Your excitement in the new role quickly diminished as you hired associate after associate, spending hours recruiting, hiring, and training them, only for them to move away, leave for better opportunities, or they just didn’t fit.

Your company has grown, your needs have grown, and you’re tired of recruiting and training new people only for them to leave.

What do you do now?

It Might Be Time to Hire a Marketing Agency.

Remember, not having enough time during the day is the reason you’ve reached this tipping point. Finding another marketing coordinator or manager can take weeks, probably months, and their training and onboarding could double that amount of time.

Here’s our proposition: maybe now’s the time to outsource. Maybe hiring an agency is the solution that could solve all your consistency and employment challenges.

Read on for our top three reasons why hiring an agency could serve you better:

1. There’s Value in Numbers

When an organization hires a single person – even two or three people – to handle an entire portfolio of marketing efforts, the chances that they will master all aspects of the portfolio are slim.

Think about it, you’re asking someone (or a small group) to own all social media marketing, digital advertising, graphic design, brand strategy, email marketing, content creation, web development, and whatever additional marketing channels you’re on. From what we’ve seen, those are usually unrealistic expectations. Even at PHOS, we don’t ask a single person on our team to fulfill all those roles. It’s too much.

But, partnering with agency can land you a much larger team of creatives who can apply years of knowledge and experience with greater consistency and deeper role specificity. Plus, it’s much cheaper than hiring 25 employees.

2. Yes, Time is Money

While you’re spending all your time recruiting, interviewing, and training new marketing team members, you are, at the same time, also giving up valuable moments for new campaigns and driving new results that drive your bottom line.

When you partner with an agency, especially one that’s strategy-first, getting to your go-to-market is simply quicker.

A good agency partner will align itself with your company, develop a strategy for execution, and get to work implementing it. In fact, a good agency partner could be starting production at about the same time it would take you to recruit, interview, and hire an associate.

3. Continuity is Good, Growth is Better

Let’s say you do hire a marketing associate. After he or she is fully trained and off to the races, the two of you are able to keep up with the work you have. Great! But, what are you doing to grow?

Growing takes additional time to plan, develop your strategy, produce additional content, send more emails, etc. In our experience, this strategy quickly lands a company back in the same position they were before they hired: keeping pace instead of setting a new one.

An agency has the capacity to handle both incremental and scaled growth.

Growing also takes intention. Is every asset you create, every piece of content you produce, pointing back to your mission, vision, values, and aligned with your overarching organizational strategy? Do they support your brand positioning and messaging? Do they add value and propel you forward in accomplishing your goals?

It’s easy to create the content, checking off the box to move on to the next task, but it takes effort and time to be intentional. An agency has the capacity and the expertise to invest itself in intentional, future-focused, growth-oriented, brand-supporting digital strategies.

So, Which Agency Should I Choose?

With a marketing agency on about every corner – at least digitally – between here and Alaska, how do you choose who to entrust your mission, brand, and digital presence to?
In our humble opinion (IOHO), we’d recommend your agency partner has these three characteristics:

Multiply Your Marketing Efforts with PHOS

If you’re strapped for time, have an ever-increasing number of marketing tasks to complete day after day, and are struggling to find – and keep – a dynamite marketing team to amplify your company’s message, it’s time to hire a marketing agency.

We’re here to step in and lead you through this time. If you’re looking to partner with an agency who’s been successfully leading hundreds of businesses for nearly a decade, connect with us. We’d love to partner with you through every step of your growth.

Kyler Burk

After receiving his public relations degree from the University of Florida and serving in various marketing production roles in the Gainesville area, Kyler developed a passion for genuinely connecting with people through business. Using those connections, Kyler serves by uncovering areas where businesses struggle with marketing and developing solutions to get them where they dream to be.

When he’s not laughing with others in the office, you can find Kyler with his wife, chasing their two young sons around the house. When the chaos calms, you can find him playing piano or working on outdoor projects.