February 22, 2018

PHOS Brings Home Four ADDY Awards

PHOS Creative is honored to take home four ADDY awards this year!

The American Advertising Federation awards the ADDY awards, in particular, AAF Gainesville, for our hometown.

According to the American Advertising Federation of Gainesville:

These awards honor the best in local advertising and cultivate the highest creative standards in the industry.

Our team’s work was awarded for logo design, consumer website design, self-promotion, and social media.

As a strategic marketing agency, awards are never our goal – our goal and our mission are to empower clients to market through their mission to reach their vision. That’s what we care about, that’s what the work we do every day is all about. Awards judge the creativity of the work to an outside eye, and they’re a wonderful recognition of the passion poured into every project.

Creativity and passion create great work, and we’re proud to have our team recognized in this way.

ADDY Awards - PHOS Creative

You may know that in the spring of 2017, PHOS Creative underwent an entire rebrand. New name, new logo, new messaging, new studio, the works.

Of course, that included a new website. We built our website around our passion and our mission.

Visitors are immersed in why we do what we do, and can explore the work we’ve done with our clients, the solutions we offer, our incredible team, our own ideas and insights, and more.

Along with a local ADDY, as the top submission in its category, the PHOS website will be competing for an award at the regional level, including all of Florida and the Caribbean.

ADDY Awards - Gardner Chiropractic Logo

Gardner Chiropractic and Injury’s mission is to provide patients with the highest quality health care and diagnostics.

The industrial spinal icon symbolizes a balanced approach to spinal health and overall wellness. The movement of colors and lines offers an energetic and athletic feel, while the font communicates strength and trust.

ADDY Awards - Gardner Chiropractic Website

Along with a complete brand identity, we designed an engaging and attractive website to serve as the business’ marketing hub.

Large, high-res photography and sleek overlays convey the quality Dr. Gardner’s clients have come to know and expect. All while providing a clear funnel for users to find exactly the solutions they need.

ADDY Awards - Play Hard Florida video

PLAY HARD FLORIDA encourages you to choose your adventure with a comprehensive online directory of wild adventures across the state.

As part of a brand launch campaign, we created a brand introduction video for PLAY HARD FLORIDA.

The video is a short, high-energy compilation of the adventure that Florida offers, with beautiful imagery from all around the state.

Along with a local ADDY, as the top submission in its category, the PLAY HARD FLORIDA brand intro video will be competing for an award at the regional level, including all of Florida and the Caribbean.

Fitting for such a distinctly Floridian brand.

Our team is honored to bring home these awards, and even more honored to deliver excellent, award-winning work for our clients.

Jon Saxton

Jon Saxton

Jon recognizes passion and works to convey that in powerful ways. With an eye toward what could be and an understanding of how, he brings energy and ideas to everything he works with.