October 27, 2023

Why Video is Vital to the Growth of Your Business

Have you ever thought about how many minutes of video you watch each day? Take a second to tally the places you have seen videos of any kind: television, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, messages between family and friends, in restaurants, and more!

Video is everywhere and is so ingrained in our lives; there is a reason for this.

What Makes Video Unique?

Video is not only fun to watch—it’s a form of communication that is incredibly effective in making impressions on people that last and provide results. Having video advertising in your business can actually improve conversions by 86%. Not only that, but 55% of consumers use video to help them decide what to purchase.

When we’re looking for a new service or product, we want to be able to get as close to testing it and using it as we can before we ever actually purchase it. Video advertising does just this. It’s not only a great tool to communicate, it is an indispensable tool—and one that will increase sales and the perceived value of your company.

Even if you’re thinking, “Yeah, yeah I know, but we’ve been doing fine advertising with the nuts and bolts,” or “It’s just too big of an investment right now,” I want to show you why it’s such a vital investment that you won’t regret and how it can be done effectively.

Here are 3 things video can do that will help grow your business.

1. Display Your Company’s Service and Products

Video can show your audience what you can do in a near-tangible way. This could be the process of roasting your coffee beans, a beautifully finished roofing job, happy clients whose lives were changed, a gorgeously designed kitchen—you name it! The clients you are after want to see authentic results and be assured that you can do what you claim you can do for them.

Audiences tend to trust what they’re visualizing more because it’s harder to fake the end result. This is partly why videos convince people to act at a higher rate than other forms of advertisement.

Testimonial videos, product reviews, and demonstrations are popular and effective in converting a new client because you’re showing and sharing your brand with authenticity.

2. Show People What to Expect

We all get a little anxious when trying something new. This applies to not just foods or roller coasters but to a new partnership or product. The good news is you can help relieve this and gain more clients through video!

Did you know 82% of people prefer watching videos over reading a social media post? When we think about all the components (visuals, sound, movement, pacing, descriptions, etc.) that make up a video, it makes sense that we might remember a brand or product better this way.

They are also more likely to buy into your service when they can previsualize or virtually meet the organization before they purchase. We all want to know what to expect before diving in.

If you want to sell beautifully designed kitchens, take your audience on a virtual video tour of one of them! Invite them into your space with your people. Allow them to see the personalities they’ll be interacting with and the space they should expect to experience.

If you’re in pest control, roofing, or construction, show clips of what it will look like when you go into a home to work. This sets an expectation and relieves the uncertainty of that first interaction because you’re showing a part of the process and who your team members are.

Are you a college or learning facility? You can make your grounds more accessible, relieve anxiety, and increase the number of students coming to your campus by showing them where they’ll be spending their time, what areas are wheelchair accessible, give them an idea of what services they can utilize, and more.

There is such value in knowing what to expect before buying in!

3. Communicate Faster

This is a unique power that video has that dominates other forms of advertising: saying more in less time.
If a picture says a thousand words, then a video says 360,000 words in 15 seconds (if we’re talking 24 frames per second). In fact, social video generates 1200% more shares than text and image combined.
If music sets a tone, then music in your video will associate a feeling with your product. What a person says is important, but how they say it can sway the uncertain.

All of these things combined can inform your client and communicate why they should become a client faster than any other method.

PHOS’ process for creating a video for your brand is intentional in not only what is going to be communicated, but how to communicate it in the most impactful way.

Invest in Your Company’s Growth

Even if you don’t see opportunities for leveraging video in your business now, it’s never too late to make your first! Incorporating video into your digital strategy is only growing more by the day. When you partner with an agency that knows how to communicate, create, and display what your business can provide to your audience, you will see tangible results.

Our creative media team at PHOS will tailor the videos we create to your company and deliver a product that is polished, valuable, relevant, and exciting!

If you have been hesitant about adding video to your advertising efforts, ask us about it. We’d love to answer your questions and work with you to create something that works for you—right where you’re at.

Jessica O’Hearn

Jess finds deep fulfillment in creating intentional and emotionally-moving videos that help propel our clients’ missions forward. Her unique blend of technical and creative experience in video gives her a detailed eye and passionate drive for making each piece stand out. She’s always looking for ways to push her creative skills, raise the bar, and learn as much as possible along the way.

When Jess is not creating videos, she loves to travel all across the globe — taking photos and videos that capture the unique feeling of each destination. On evenings when she’s not teaching video classes at Santa Fe College, she finds joy in being with her pets, rewatching the Lord of the Rings, and above all, doing everything with her incredible husband, Eli.