March 27, 2017

We Just Moved Into an Awesome New Space

Exciting things happening at West Designs!

If you follow us on Facebook, you may have noticed that we’ve been undergoing a remodel since the beginning of 2017. Now, after just three short months, we’ve moved into our new space!

This remodel gives us much-needed room for our quickly growing team. In fact, we’ve doubled our space! The new studio features an open concept working area, comfortable meeting area, expanded lobby and conference room, and more.

Designer creating a mood board with color schemes and photography

This is our sleek new “Campfire” area. 3 very comfortable couches + 1 really big TV = Productivity 4 Everyone.

PHOS team members collaborating in the studio

This is a snapshot of one of our new workspaces, complete with Apple products galore and the same mango wood you’ll find all over our new space.

PHOS Creative team sitting and speaking with Jim Harrison

This modern map will soon begin to populate with the locations of the children we’re supporting around the world as part of our global mission.

Driving toward the cause is a long-term solution, rather than short-term.

Here’s a glance at the whole studio. One of our core values is community, so the layout features interdisciplinary groups – a designer may be next to a developer, a writer, or a strategist. Everybody is close enough to coordinate and collaborate on projects.

The space is also filled with all-new furniture and decor, including custom-made art throughout the entire studio.

There are big things coming for West Designs, and we can’t wait to give all our clients a walkthrough of the new studio!


Mitchel Sinon

As a marketing assistant, Mitchel works in all forms of marketing, from writing to SEO to social media and more. Mitchel thrives by building relationships with coworkers and clients while applying his marketing acumen to further growth with PHOS.