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Your results are divided into four essential components of trust. Each category is represented by a percentage indicating your organization’s performance in that area. You’ll receive recommendations for areas where your brand is not effectively building trust.

Recommendations to Improve your Score


Meeting the needs of its customers with excellence and innovation.

Your potential customers want to know how you can address their needs effectively. If there are areas where your brand's expertise is lacking, it's crucial to take proactive steps to highlight your capabilities and track record of success.

To improve your competency, we recommend including:

  • An overview of your proven process.
  • Case studies and portfolios of previous work.
  • Consistent thought leadership through blogs and articles.
  • A webinar or workshop on a topic in your industry.
  • Downloadable offers like ebooks or whitepapers.

Establishing consistent reliability and dependable performance, fueled by past customer endorsement.

Your business's credibility isn't just about what you claim—it's about what others affirm. Potential customers seek assurance from the opinions of others, looking for signs of reliability and reputation.

To improve your online reputation and demonstrate your trustworthiness, consider these strategies:

  • Highlight positive reviews and testimonials.
  • Display awards, recognitions, and certifications.
  • Provide a list of references or referrals.
  • Include a list of brands and/or companies you’ve partnered with.
  • Incorporate a video testimonial from a loyal customer.
  • Respond positively to every review on Google and social media.
  • Reshare or incorporate user-generated content on your social media channels.
  • Highlight how many years your organization has been in business.
  • Keep all platforms you exist on regularly updated.

Proving to prospective customers that your claims are genuine.

Actions speak louder than words. Just as actions validate intentions, potential customers need tangible proof that you are as genuine as you claim to be. You need to display consistency and transparency.

You can build your authenticity through:

  • Telling the story of your business.
  • Incorporating high-quality visuals on your website and marketing.
  • Highlighting your team and business in a brand anchor video.
  • Offering a free trial, consultation, or money-back guarantee.
  • Showcasing your organization’s community involvement.
  • Being transparent with your pricing on your website.

Forging deep connections and sincere care that goes beyond the ordinary customer-brand interaction.

Genuine empathy sets successful businesses apart. It’s about caring for customers beyond transactions. It shows that you understand their needs on a personal level, and actively seek ways to improve their experience.

Incorporate the following to improve your organization’s customer advocacy by:

  • Developing a purpose statement.
  • Highlighting your company’s mission statement and core values.
  • Investing in an accessible website.
  • Delivering highly personalized communications touchpoints.
  • Supporting core causes locally and globally.
  • Showcasing your organization’s employee benefits and culture.
  • Celebrating your company’s diversity.
  • Maintaining quick response times on phone calls, messages, and online inquiries.
  • Collecting feedback from customers and employees regularly.
  • Addressing customer issues quickly and skillfully.

Looking for a Partner to Help Improve Your Brand’s Trust Score?

Here at PHOS, we believe that trust and awareness are the cornerstones of online success. With over a decade of experience, we've empowered hundreds of organizations to build trust online and establish a prominent presence within their industries.

If you’re looking for more personalized recommendations based on your results, connect with our team to learn more about how you can improve your brand’s trust.

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