Inbound Marketing Manager

A passion for inbound marketing and growing relationships.

Company Overview

PHOS is a strategic digital marketing agency based in Gainesville, FL with a mission to be a place team members never want to leave, clients can’t do without, and the world is better for and, in so doing, exemplify the love of Jesus Christ.

We’re an award-winning, purpose-driven company and we’re looking for an outstanding, full-time Inbound Marketing Manager to help grow our marketing team and build into our strategic plan. If you think this could be you, read on!

Position Overview

The Inbound Marketing Manager (IMM) at PHOS is responsible for leading the marketing team at PHOS. This person is someone who exemplifies PHOS’s core values on a daily basis and sets the tone for accountability, healthy conflict, love, and leadership at PHOS. 

Roles & Responsibilities

The Inbound Marketing Manager will have the following primary responsibilities:

  • Oversee all operations of our marketing department, which include campaign development, advertising budget management, SOW fulfillment, client communication etc.
  • Lead quarterly strategy meetings for the department to create quarterly goals and objectives
  • Holding the marketing team accountable for data-driven results for clients 
  • Create processes and practices that result in exemplary client relationships, client retention, and employee engagement
  • Establish and implement best practices that increase efficiency and results
  • Develop a team culture that reflects PHOS’s core values and fosters healthy conflict 
  • Host 1-1 check-ins with each team member for mentorship and guidance 
  • Lead marketing team meetings that follow the EOS agenda bi-weekly, identifying, discussing, and solving issues, and then assigning to-dos
  • Have an intimate knowledge of each retainer client, their SOW, goals, and progress
  • Facilitate all performance appraisals for the marketing team, assessing each team member’s strengths and weaknesses and recommending pay increases 
  • Manage team member plateloads and allocate clients to each marketer based on plateload, skill set, and culture fit
  • Report to the Integrator on all operations of the marketing department
  • Develop and empower each marketer on the team through training, professional development, assignments, etc. 
  • Contribute to PHOS’s strategic plan through quarterly rocks
  • Lead the marketing team in client communication 
  • Establish best practices for serving clients 
  • Help the Integrator find the right marketers for the company by participating in recruitment initiatives
  • Manage (approving/disapproving) team member’s PTO, VTO, Flex time, and remote work time
  • Oversee PHOS’s marketing internship program
  • Occasionally project manage small “project-based” clients, collaborating with the web development team and design team


Client Relations 

The IMM will set the example for healthy, trustworthy, and positive client relationships. They will communicate with frequency and clarity with clients and with team members. This person should have the ability to speak and present with confidence, listen to and affirm client concerns, explore and respond to their needs, and calmly resolve issues related to client work and deliverables. 


The IMM will sit on the leadership team and therefore will be expected to work to be a leader worth following. They will set the tone for culture and clarity, cast vision, create engagement, showcase humility, accountability, and transparency. The marketing team should look to you for guidance, but feel empowered enough to execute your vision on their own. 

Decision Making

The IMM is one who has excellent judgment and the ability to make sound decisions that are best for the organization and our clients. This means that you know how to change your perspectives, put feelings aside and make hard calls that don’t always benefit everyone. 

Developing Others 

The IMM will be someone who enjoys helping others grow. They will have a “teaching spirit” and be motivated by watching their team succeed. They will have a strong ability to assess strengths and weaknesses in individuals and know-how to effectively communicate those to their team. This means that they embrace education and empowerment and reject micro-management. 

Project Management

The IMM will practice exemplary project management through our software with communication, due dates, follow-ups, and accountability. They will teach others how to do this well and constantly look for opportunities to make our process more efficient, productive, and valuable for clients.

Key Performance Indicators

The IMM will be evaluated based on the following KPIs: 

  • Employee Engagement
  • Employee Retention Rate
  • Operational Excellence
  • Client Retention Rate 

Remote Work

We currently operate in a hybrid work schedule, coming physically into the office two days per week and working completely remotely three days per week. We’re looking for someone in or around Gainesville, FL who has the flexibility to come in for client meetings and team activities. 

Diversity, Inclusion, and Our Mission at PHOS

Our dedication to diversity and inclusion is grounded in our mission to be a place that team members never want to leave and to exemplify the love of Jesus Christ. Discrimination is not loving and is, therefore, anti-missional for PHOS. We in no way discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity for purposes of employment opportunities, continued employment, employee benefits, job security, or promotion. Doing so would violate our reason for existing. We want you here.

*Please note that due to high application volume, our team may not respond to your application if you do not meet the requirements for this role.

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