A passion for creating excellent client and team member experiences

Company Overview

PHOS is a strategic digital marketing agency based in Gainesville, FL with a mission to be a place team members never want to leave, clients can’t do without, and the world is better for and, in so doing, exemplify the love of Jesus Christ.

We’re an award-winning, purpose-driven company and we’re looking for an outstanding, part-time receptionist to help grow our clients and build into our strategic plan. If you think this could be you, read on!

Position Overview

The receptionist at PHOS is the face of PHOS for the studio. They are the first person someone sees when they enter our space and the first voice someone hears when they call our studio. This person sets the stage for the PHOS-level experience for our clients and team members. The receptionist is expected to create culture by fueling a team environment and creating great experiences when we are together.

Roles & Responsibilities

The receptionist will have the following primary roles and responsibilities:

  • Arranging catering for team or client meetings
  • Planning PHOS parties including all holiday parties, PHOSverary (our annual anniversary party), baby showers for the team, etc.
  • Checking the mailbox daily and processing mail for various individuals
  • Office inventory management and organization (we have the world’s largest snack closet)
  • Vendor relations including our office cleaning vendor
  • Answering phone calls
  • Running errands
  • Offering beverages to clients when they walk in
  • Varying professional administrative tasks including, but not limited to, booking appointments, research projects, coordinating travel, and ordering gifts, etc.
  • Coordinating and sending client gifts including annual Christmas gifts
  • Planning and providing surprises for team member birthdays
  • Other special projects as needed (this may include new building expansion projects and space planning and design)


Customer Service

This person will be expected to set the tone for excellent communication and customer service with clients and team members. They will set the tone for the client experience by being the first face they see when they walk in the door and the first voice they hear when they call our studio.

Organizational Skills

The receptionist should possess strong skills in organization and process. They must have a knack for creating visually beautiful spaces that also serve our team practically. They must manage deadlines effectively and create systems that are easy for our team to follow.

Event Planning

This person must love planning events for our team. Some of these events will be small and only last an hour or two while others may go on for the entire day. This person should have a high capacity for managing vendors, itineraries, venues, and event experiences. They are a great fit if they know how to go the extra mile to make an experience “PHOS-level.” 


  • High School Diploma/GED required
  • 1-2 years in a similar administrative or events management role 

Key Performance Indicators

Your performance will be measured using the following KPIs:

  • Client Satisfaction
  • Team Member Engagement

Job Schedule

This job is part-time and only requires 16 hours (2 days) per week. We’re looking for someone in or around Gainesville, FL who can be in the office on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Diversity, Inclusion, and Our Mission at PHOS

Our dedication to diversity and inclusion is grounded in our mission to be a place that team members never want to leave and to exemplify the love of Jesus Christ. Discrimination is not loving and is, therefore, anti-missional for PHOS. We in no way discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity for purposes of employment opportunities, continued employment, employee benefits, job security, or promotion. Doing so would violate our reason for existing. We want you here.

*Please note that due to high application volume, our team may not respond to your application if you do not meet the requirements for this role.

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