Our Core Values

We make decisions every day around our core values. They are the strongest guide for how we do business, how we think, and how we act.


Our passion for education and empowerment.

Leadership is a behavior, not a position. Within our team, within our industry, and with our clients, everybody at PHOS is called to be a leader.


Our passion for inspiration and innovation.

We relish the opportunity to apply resourceful and insightful ideas. We are energized by every chance we have to be imaginative.


Our passion for selflessness and servanthood.

Love is a high supply of support, confidence, and hope in others. We seek first to understand, then be understood.


Our passion for results and accountability.

People respect when you do what you say you’ll do and are upfront and honest about every result – mind-blowing success, or not.


Our passion for culture and collaboration.

Our team, our clients, their customers, and everyone we work with make up the PHOS community. When they all come together with leadership, creativity, love, and integrity, it is a beautiful thing, and that’s what we’re after.