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Our Global Mission

We’re proud to have a huge impact not just in our city, but around the world.


Child Sponsorship

Part of our Global Mission is supporting children through Compassion International, a child-advocacy ministry that releases children from physical, spiritual, social, and economic poverty.


Mighel is 8 years old and lives in Indonesia, in the coastal community of Tegalombo. He’s in the equivalent of first grade, and enjoys cars and running. We’ve been sponsoring Mighel since April 2015.


Fatima turned 6 in October. She’s not yet in school and lives in the mountainous community of Caserío El Tablón in El Salvador, where she likes to play house with her dolls. We began sponsoring Fatima in November 2016.


Josiane is 4 years old. She’s in Kindergarten in Rwanda, attends church, helps out around the kitchen, and enjoys hide and seek. We began sponsoring Josiane in March 2017.



Maria is 6 years old. She’s in Kindergarten in the mountainous community of Nuevo Horizonte, Colombia. She attends Sunday School and helps her family with cleaning and making beds. We began sponsoring Maria in June 2017.


Julio is 6 years old. He’s in Kindergarten in Villa de Chicacao, 30 km northeast of Mazatenango, Guatemala. He’s a big soccer fan, enjoys running, and even enjoys art – it’s his favorite subject in school. We began sponsoring Julio in October 2017.

International Care and Support

In addition to the children we support, thanks to you, we’ve been able to provide the following:

We’re incredibly humbled by the opportunity to have such a global impact in these ways.

We’re impacting Gainesville, impacting Florida, and impacting the world. Everything we’re able to do is because of the people we work with – our clients and our team – and we’re really excited to partner with you to fulfill our Global Mission.

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