The Association of Amphibian and Reptilian Veterinarians (ARAV) is an organization dedicated to providing resources about reptiles and amphibians to veterinarians, pet owners, and students. For reptilian and amphibian veterinarians, they provide a network of free-flowing information in the form of professional journals, monthly newsletters, and annual conferences.

ARAV also pushes growth in their field by providing grants of several thousand dollars based on the qualifications and ventures of the professionals applying. These grants have advanced the medical and pharmaceutical fields for the amphibian/reptilian fields by providing funding for those who are doing crucial research and discovering more about this specific division of veterinary sciences.

They provide invaluable resources for students, such as both full-time and internship opportunities, as well as professional and student contacts across the nation. This information is extremely important (and without ARAV, hard to find) for students in such a niche veterinarian market.

The Challenge

ARAV was in need of a clean-up. Their old website was disorganized, and they had a lot of industry-specific data that was necessary for their target demographic. Therefore, they were looking for a site that could neatly carry all of their information.


Prior to our involvement in their new site, they had no event calendar, despite their busy conference schedule. Therefore, we built them a site calendar that easily allows them to enter their own dates and events. Another very popular piece of their old site was their “Find a Vet” portal, which allows for anyone to find the nearest ARAV vet near them. We incorporated this into their new website, allowing for continued usage. Finally, we reorganized their content, specifically their publications. On their old site, they had publications spread out amongst their various pages, so we built a page specifically for publications and designed it to be easy-access content for those who need it.

We also focused heavily on design for this site, making sure the beauty of the reptilian/amphibian world in all its vibrant colors is appropriately displayed.

Through our work and development on various events, including the ExoticsCon website, we’ve built a longstanding relationship with ARAV.