Behavior Analytic Support Services, Inc., or BASS, is changing the way people view therapy.

BASS works with children and families to provide help for children with autism, behavioral issues, or mental disabilities.

The BASS approach incorporates not just the child but also the entire family in the process. BASS’s goal is for moms, dads, sisters, brothers – any and all family members – to feel confident with their child and at home in the BASS family.

The Challenge

BASS needed a new identity that accurately conveyed not only what they do, but why.

With a commitment to improving the life and well-being of patients’ families, they needed a brand that reflected that BASS is a family itself.

It was important to convey friendliness, warmth, and an air of playfulness, while maintaining a professional feel.

Along with their new brand, BASS needed a website to serve as a platform to meet the needs of every member of the family.

Where Passion Meets Purpose

BASS will forever remain close to the heart of the PHOS team.

While working with BASS, our team spent hours learning about the company. We traveled to the facility and observed, we interviewed families, and we even mock-interviewed to get a better feel for BASS’s needs.

The PHOS team created a brand style that was bright enough to reflect the fun BASS has, but clean enough to reflect that BASS is professional in what they do.

We featured BASS team members on each web page to give a family feel. We also created custom brand collateral, like their onboarding “Kaleidoscope Kit” to fit with their new brand.

Through the process, we worked with BASS to provide feedback and help improve their patient onboarding process as a whole.

As we worked on landing pages for search optimization, designs for the website, brand collateral, and more, our team saw first-hand the family that BASS talks about. We felt the love, and we channeled it into bright and creative work.