The Brief

Decker is a commercial construction management company that specializes in ground-up construction as well as commercial renovations with roots dating back to 1931. The owners, Chris Decker and Mike Calsam, re-established the company as Decker Construction in 2012 and made it their mission to make the Gainesville community a better place to live through the work they would do, the relationships they’d build, and the lives they would touch.

As a company, Decker has seen decades’ worth of changes and growth from the inside out. It was only fitting to build a new brand image that would tell the entire story of their organization, illuminate their experience, and draw in the right audience.

The PHOS team aimed to create a sustainable, professional, and modernized brand image and marketing strategy for the Decker team that would reflect their family-centered values and help them achieve their business goals.

What We Did


Web Design

Web Design

Photography and Video


Digital Marketing


Our Vision

Our main objective for Decker Construction was creating a brand that highlighted their professionalism and experience while speaking to their mission-driven approach to commercial construction.


We showcased the importance of the relationships Decker has built by weaving the stories of their valuable partnerships, past construction projects, and dedication to their community throughout the website by way of focused content, high-quality imagery, and client testimonials.


Our team quickly learned that Decker’s reputation preceded them and was a pillar upon which so much of their success had been built. We harnessed the trust Decker exudes by establishing their new brand as a thoughtful and welcoming construction industry leader that is serious about getting the job done. This can be felt in the overall tone of their branding and marketing.


The Decker team is very clear on the standards they hold themselves to and subsequently work in an industry where they too rely on other industry professionals to successfully complete construction projects. Reliability is the cornerstone of their team’s approach to construction management and a value PHOS embedded into every inch of their marketing strategy.

The Strategy

The team at Decker was very clear that they wanted a refresh for their brand. They desired something that spoke to the quality of their work as well as the intentionality behind each commercial project Decker completes.

PHOS took this opportunity to showcase these qualities throughout their website by, first, having multiple conversations with their team about how Decker personally exemplifies their core values in each project they complete and in their everyday lives.

By working together to put their mission, vision, and values into words, PHOS translated these core qualities into a tangible marketing plan that would elevate the Decker brand, build brand authority, and expand brand awareness into new markets. 

The website uses high-quality photography to tell the story of the Decker team, the Decker culture, and expand upon past successful projects. These qualities are all supported by glowing testimonials from past clients who have built meaningful and lasting relationships with Decker, as well as community involvement and support.


Our design team created a fresh look and feel for the Decker brand by utilizing colors, graphics, and fonts, that brought a modern feel to the existing brand image. The PHOS team also helped Decker adjust their company name from J.E. Decker to Decker Construction, which is more representative of where the brand has grown to today. The iconography and new logo our design team produced communicates the professional, precise, and excellent work Decker is known for.

Brand Photography

Our photography team spent time taking photos of Decker’s team members interacting with each other in a casual setting in order to help audience members visualize the fun, loving, and trustworthy culture that Decker Construction prides themselves on. Each team member received a new headshot, which helped to create a cohesive and professional brand image. Additional photos were taken on construction sites as well as completed project sites to speak to the level of quality and experience clients can expect to receive when working with the Decker team.

Digital Marketing

Our ongoing relationship with Decker Construction included curating a digital marketing strategy for Decker that would promote their new brand, help them confidently expand into new markets, and nurture the client journey during their time spent with Decker. 

The PHOS approach to digital marketing is holistic in that the strategies we create focus on each aspect of the customer experience from first learning about a company, to building trust with a company, to finally, making the decision to work with a company. For Decker, this included search engine optimization, content creation, social media management, paid advertising, email marketing, conversion tracking, and campaign development.


Since launching in November of 2021, Decker Construction has seen increases in organic traffic as well as increased paid traffic thanks to the implementation of Google Ads. Users are engaging with their social media content as well as their email marketing, and their website metrics tell us that the content PHOS created for their team is resonating with their audience. 

Their website is now able to walk a potential client through exactly what a relationship with Decker Construction will look like, their blog section builds credibility, and their services page communicates a comprehensive approach to expert commercial construction. PHOS is proud to work with and support Decker Construction and we are excited to see what the future holds for their team!

Our company Decker Construction sought out PHOS team to update our logo and enhance our web page and social media presence. We made a few friends, totally revamped our logo, took our website from 1999 and put it into first class 2021, and now have a phenomenal social media presence. Brandon really sets the tone for this company and has found people to take each step of the process to the next level. Derrak, Emily, Chad, and others who I have not listed are all top notch in their crafts. They are patient, creative, and welcoming people. I never expected the outcome we had. I truly look forward to how this change positively impacts our company, culture, and community!!!

– Mike Calsam, Principal & General Superintendent