The vision of FAITC is to be the leading collaborator and trusted provider of agricultural literacy resources and teacher professional development programs.

That concept – leadership – is an interesting one in a field that’s not known for a progressive approach to collaboration, and certainly not to design. When we looked around the industry, not just in Florida but across the country, we found an invisible ceiling that seems to limit how good education resources can look, and how easy they can be to find and to use.

Florida Agriculture in the Classroom came to us to redefine that ceiling.

The Project

FAITC needed a website that made a wealth of resources freely accessible to teachers, and set a new bar of quality for the industry.

The Tactics

Web Design

Content Hierarchy

WordPress Development

Lesson Management and Filtering

A Fresh Look

The redesign is modern, fresh, and user-focused. High-quality photography helps connect agriculture and the classroom.

The visual identity is bright and fun enough to convey the education focus, and professional enough to appeal to educators.

Intuitive Navigation

With lesson plans for every grade level, across seven major subjects, in addition to books, activities, workshops, and grants, FAITC has a wealth of resources.

A smart navigation and on-page elements help guide users to what they’re looking for. Lesson sorting by keyword, grade level, and subject helps teachers discover new interactive activities for their students.

With the launch of FAITC’s new website, Florida educators have access to resources to bring agriculture into the classroom, with an identity that sets a new bar for quality in the education industry.

Creating a positive public perception of agriculture through education.