Nestled amongst scenic pines in the woods of North Central Florida lies a small but vibrant community. Its home in the heart of Florida between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico is referred to as the Gateway to Florida.

When FGC came to PHOS, enrollment was steadily declining, and the FGC brand was outdated and used inconsistently across various channels.

The website had become convoluted through years of content growth and changes in direction. The result was an outdated website that was difficult to manage and to navigate, and a brand identity built around what college leadership described as a “generic community college phrase.”

The Project

FGC tapped PHOS to drive recruitment and enrollment with a brand and website that reflected what was to become the fastest-growing state college in Florida.

The Cornerstone

All of our work centered around one cornerstone message:

Go Further Together.

From there, three pillars capture the FGC experience and brand.

The Brand

We refreshed Florida Gateway College’s brand identity with a modern aesthetic, updated color palette, and new tagline.

We created brand style guides and collateral templates to support the entire college in creating their own consistent branding campaigns.

Florida Gateway College Brand

The Message

As the FGC brand grows, both in its usage of the brand and in the minds of its audience, it is essential that the college speak with one voice. A consistent and coherent brand delivers a strong, clear message at every touchpoint.

Strong brand messaging coupled with a detailed style guide helps FGC communicate in a way that’s clear, consistent and brand-centered.

The Website

We developed a robust and easy-to-manage website with modern UX practices and programming techniques – including strategically condensing over 1000 web pages into just over 300 in an easy-to-navigate content architecture.


Florida Gateway College Web Design

With their new website and brand identity, Florida Gateway College is primed to market through their mission: to provide affordable, high-quality postsecondary educational opportunities to the community members of North Central Florida.