The Brief

McFall Builders has served Gainesville and the surrounding areas since the 1980s and is Gainesville’s premier leader in green homebuilding and remodeling. McFall focuses on providing honest and competent full-service residential and commercial construction services resulting in energy-efficient, beautiful spaces. 

McFall found that their previous website did not generate sufficient leads or showcase their beautiful completed projects. They needed an updated website and brand system to increase the quality and quantity of their leads and visually represent the McFall family’s commitment to value, quality artisanship, and sustainable construction. 

What We Did
Photography and Video


Web Design

Web Design

Digital Marketing

Inbound Marketing


Updated Branding

McFall Builders Design

Our Vision

Our main objective was to provide an updated design aesthetic to the McFall website. The site had to visually and verbally demonstrate McFall’s passion for quality construction while also implementing a marketing strategy that captured their target audience.

Scalability iconography


McFall Builders approaches every project with the same attention to detail and commitment to high quality, whether the project is big or small. Having a unique interior page for each service, from additions to commercial construction, allows the customer to see the full scope of work McFall Builders can do. 



McFall has been in business for over 35 years, and that longevity and expertise needed to be showcased more prominently on the website. Site visitors can easily access the McFall story to learn about how the company was built and how it has evolved. On-page testimonials further exhibit the benefits of the McFall Builders experience. 

Sustainability Iconography


McFall has committed to green building and has paved the way for high quality, environmentally friendly, sustainable homes in our area. McFall partners with Gainesville vendors to reduce the energy expended to transfer materials to build sites. The website needed to showcase McFall’s green certifications and partnerships, highlighting these credentials. 

The Strategy

Our team has spent significant time learning what sets McFall Builders apart in our community. In helping them achieve their goals, we had to help them look ahead at where they wanted their company to go and give them actionable ways to get there. 

After to their business goals, we designed and built a user-friendly website that showcases the exemplary construction work done in their projects and their continued commitment to quality craftsmanship and sustainable building. Whether customers are building from the ground up or are remodeling their existing home, the website is easy to navigate and find the information needed. 

McFall Builders has spent decades serving the Gainesville community and their customers. The photography implemented proves their expertise and focuses on keeping updated projects on their site. 

Additionally, we created a marketing strategy that focused on:

  • Improved lead generation
  • Visual and verbal demonstration of the McFall reputation
  • Upgraded design aesthetic

Our design also included new collateral conveying the McFall refreshed brand system to ensure consistency across online and in-person delivery.


The new website needed new brand photography to convey the beauty and a wide range of work McFall Builders offers – an upscale feel but attainable for every budget. We needed detail-focused images to draw the viewer in and project photos that show the quality of completed projects.  

Inbound Marketing

We’re proud to continue our partnership with McFall Builders, but we also had to create clear calls-to-action with two connection points on the website – contact, and consultation. Their marketing strategy also had to maintain domain authority with clear content and navigation and showcase portfolio pieces across channels. Further, their marketing plan had to capitalize on educational blogs that inform the user and showcase McFall Builders’ expertise.

Web Design

McFall Builders’s previous website lacked a clear path to discover services and explore previous work. The new site needed to be easily navigable and able to demonstrate their expertise and experience. Our goal was to make a user-friendly site that highlighted McFall’s decades of knowledge and a wide range of construction capabilities. The added portfolio feature showcases new builds and remodels beautifully. This website had to be aesthetically appealing and informative, and clear for visitors to request a consultation, providing more leads for McFall. 

McFall Web Design

Updated Branding

To synthesize the McFall Builders’s brand system, we clarified their brand feeling and attributes of being modern and inviting. We then incorporated these attributes into their new brand design.


With the new website, conversion tracking has dramatically improved. Six months after launch, compared to the previous 6 months, McFall’s site reported a 20% increase in users and a 127% increase in online conversions. Their bounce rate dropped by 15%. The new website invites visitors to choose their user journey with connection and consultation calls to action.

Since 2021, the site continues to perform well. It has experienced a 33% increase in users, a 34% increase in sessions, and a 192% increase in online conversions when compared to the prior 2 years.